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    offer and when to use each piece of technology. I found it impressive that when a device is scanned the emergency contact can be sent the G.P.S. location, along with a map and directions on how to get to them.
HomeCare Transitions values our client’s safety and welfare first and fore- most in their plan of care. We highly recommend this program for persons with dementia that may wander away from their home.
The Help Home program begins with a voluntary database managed by the 9-1-1 dispatch authority that is acces- sible by law enforcement in the field. Wearable devices include the Personal I.D. bracelet and Nugget, as well as the G.P.S. and Personal I.D. watch. All are available for the person with dementia to wear. The information you provide will allow the person who scans the device the ability to immediately alert the emer- gency contact and share a location.
The Personal I.D. bracelet and Nugget (which is a slider that fits onto an existing watch band) are both made with a 100% surgical grade silicone to eliminate sensitivities and irritations. The bracelet has an aluminum slider and stainless steel clasp to keep it secure at all times. Both are fully waterproof to prevent the need to remove.
Each device has a stored medical profile that can be read when scanned by first responders in five seconds. The code for scanning is found on the inside of the gray band. This informa- tion may also help the first responders know how to address the person with dementia.
Best of all, you have complete control over the content that is accessible from a click, a scan, or a call to the number on the reverse side through an app on your phone or personal computer. Each unit has its own I.D. and PIN numbers that are used to create a personal account for the wearer. Details can be set in one of many different languages.
I recently completed a four- hour training put on by Miles for Memories. There
I learned how to program each of the different devic- es they currently
You can go to the website at miles- for more information. Click on the Safe Return button. There you can download a Help Home bro- chure.
location identification feature. Families choosing the plus membership will
have added benefits for storage of legal documents and the opportunity to have your loved one’s location sent directly to the emergency contact when scanned. While it’s not a G.P.S. device, a direct location can be identified when scanned by a smart phone of a passerby.
If your loved one is mobile and
has demonstrated regular attempts to wander you may want to consider the Miles for Memories G.P.S. watch. The watch does include all the personal information as the Personal I.D. bracelet and Nugget but also provides for an immediate opportunity to check the G.P.S. location of a loved one in real time. You are not dependent on some- one else scanning the bracelet to send
a location signal. In fact, the wanderer can be found as quickly as a phone call can go through. Alerts can be set and sent directly to the caregiver’s phone via an app when the loved one wanders beyond a safe distance or the bracelet
is submerged in water for an extended period of time. This system will also track movement and send notifications directly to the watch. The caregiver can also call the loved one and interact with them via the speaker. It can even be
set to answer automatically, after a set period of time, if the loved one has not touched the watch surface.
Need a little Help Home?
More about Miles for Memories Technology:
A new benefit for those choosing the Personal I.D. bracelet or Nugget is the
  Veterans Choice Program
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