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   For Your Health
    public stewardship in caring for these wastewater treatment systems. The Sep- ticSmart program provides a wealth of online resources for homeowners, local organizations, and government leaders to facilitate an understanding on:
No need to worry about scheduling after hours plumbing services, as Ro- to-Rooter professionals are ready 24/7. Technicians and master plumbers are specially trained to ensure your plumb- ing and drain systems work well.
Whwther you find yourself wanting to pre-plan your services or are in need of a 24-hour plumber, drain cleaner or septic pumper; give us a call at (269) 962-1070. In addition to emergency plumbing services, we can provide on- going maintenance for residential and commercial plumbing systems such as septic repairs and pumping, sewer main repair and cleaning, outside faucets and yard hydrants, water meter connec- tions, backflow prevention testing, and repair to keep your water supply safe from cross connection contamination, winterizations and pipe thawing, cam- era inspection of pipes, roof drain or downspout cleaning, sump pump repair and maintenance, high velocity jetting, smoke testing of drain lines, water heaters, bladder tanks, gauges and switches, and more to prevent future plumbing emergencies. There’s only one Roto-Rooter!
• How to properly care for and use your septic system.
• How simple septic maintenance can save you money and protect your property value.
With more than five decades of experience as one of the leading plumbing companies in North America, we understand how severe plumbing emergencies can be. We guarantee our work and back up our estimates every time, so you can get back to focusing
• Why maintaining your septic system can protect your family’s health and the environment.
The SepticSmart program empha- sizes seven simple messages to help homeowners and users of septic systems understand how to be “SepticSmart.” Follow these SepticSmart quick tips every day:
• Think at the Sink! Learn what not to
put down your kitchen sink (such as fats, oils, or greases), how to properly dispose of food waste, and how to use cleaning supplies in moderation.
• Don’t Strain Your Drain! Learn about the importance of using water efficiently, staggering water use of water-based appliances, and using energy efficient appliances.
• Keep It Clean! Learn about the importance of testing your well water, and its relationship to your septic system.
• Shield Your Field! Learn about your septic system’s drainfield, including how it works, and tips to take care of it.
• Protect It and Inspect It! Learn about a typical septic system inspec- tion, how often an inspection should be performed and considerations for advanced systems.
• Don’t Overload the Commode!
EPA’s Septic- Smart program
is a nation-wide initiative to share information on the proper care and maintenance of septic systems and encourage
While we would always suggest planning ahead, it doesn’t matter wheth- er you’ve experienced a leaky toilet, a clogged kitchen sink, or a backed-up sewer line, Roto-Rooter professionals are available to provide 24/7 plumbing services. Even if you don’t know what the plumbing emergency is, you need
a 24-hour plumber who knows how to handle it all. We’ll arrive on site quickly to assess the situation and provide emer- gency plumbing repairs.
on life’s important business and enjoy- ment.
Learn about what can be flushed down the toilet, and what should be thrown in the trash.
• Pump Your Tank! Learn about a typical septic tank pump-out service, and how a septic tank works.
Be SepticSmart
 Here’s to your health
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♦ water line repairs & remodels
♦ new pipe installation
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♦ water heaters & more
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