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  For Your Health
Specialist and MMAP counselor of Calhoun County Senior Services
   Senior Millage-funded Health Programs and Planning
It’s important to maintain good health as we age. However, it can be difficult and expensive if you are underinsured. The mission of
Calhoun County Senior Millage is
to ensure the availability of needed quality services for Calhoun County older adults, age 60 and over, through effective and efficient allocation of County Senior Millage resources. The Senior Millage Allocation Committee (SMAC), made up of thirteen individ- uals from throughout Calhoun County, continually evaluates the programming based on the needs of seniors in our community. On the first Friday of
each month SMAC members meet to discuss issues regarding programming, supplemental funding, and mini grants of $5,000 or less to support local proj- ects. Each year, SMAC members met for an annual Strategic Planning ses- sions to discussion emerging needs and ways to provide support for healthy aging through using Senior Millage funds. All SMAC meetings are open to the public and the dates are posted on our website.
 Senior Millage staff regularly
meet with program vendors to review service standards and to evaluate program performance. Quarterly Vendor meetings are held, which gives program vendors a chance to provide updates and coordinate with each other to maximize program effectiveness. This ongoing communication results in the ability to provide the following services to seniors throughout Calhoun County.
The Benefits Counseling program has trained counselors that provide free, unbiased information on Medicare and Medicaid. There is so much advertising and potential scams around Medicare,
it is important to compare available plans through and discuss the best plan with a counselor who is not going to benefit from selling you a particular plan. Counselors are available in Albion at the Forks Senior Center, (517) 629-3842, Battle Creek through CareWell Services at the Kool Family Community Center, 800-803-7174,
and in Marshall at the County building, (269) 781-0846.
Transportation to health care providers, especially when older adults can no longer drive, is an important service. Community Action provides a van service through the Senior Trans- portation program for rides to medical appointments, to go get groceries and to attend exercise classes. Rides must be scheduled in advance. Call (269) 565- 4144, or 800-994-9876, to register with the program and schedule needed rides.
Good health includes regular dental checkups and the Dental Services program, administered by the Fountain Clinic along with participating dentists, that provide a wide range of services from regular cleanings to the filling of cavities to pulling teeth and providing dentures. As we age it remains import- ant to brush twice a day and floss daily. This program is open to low-income
Hearing and Vision Services are both run by CareWell Services, with providers in Albion and Battle Creek. Through this program, low-income seniors can get hearing and vision exams, and hearing aids and glasses if needed. To complete an intake, contact CareWell Services at (269) 441-0930. Staff at CareWell Services will obtain a copy of a recipient’s drivers license and document household income and then refer recipients to Battle Creek Hearing in the Battle Creek area or Oaklawn Audiology in Marshall and Albion. For Vision Services, recipients are referred to America’s Best Eye Clinic in the Battle Creek area, and in Albion Vision Services are now available at the Cram Medical Center.
As we all age, it is important to stay active and to connect with others. We are fortunate in Calhoun County that voters have prioritized providing re- sources for programing for older adults through the Senior Millage so that health services that are not provided through other programs can be funded.
seniors without dental insurance. Dental services are available at Grace Health in Battle Creek and at the Fountain Clinic in Marshall. The Fountain Clinic also manages the Prescription Assistance program, which helps low-income seniors afford their prescription medi- cations when not covered by Medicare or when co-pays are not affordable. Pharmacies in Albion, Athens, Battle Creek, and Marshall participate in the program. Please call the Fountain Clinic at (269) 781-0952 to see if you qualify for services.
Senior Fitness & Fun classes offer a variety of exercise classes for all ability levels and nurse provided health screen- ings at each location. Senior Health Partners operates sites across the county and is continuing to add more classes. For a list of current available sites, please visit their website at shpcalhoun. org, and then call to register at (269) 441-0948.
All seniors who participate in Medi- care should compare the best Part D Pre- scription Plans for their unique situation each year during the Open Enrollment period, October 15-December 7.
Senior Centers provide a safe place to gather for social activities, group exercise classes and learning opportu- nities. Senior Centers provide a great place to make new friends, to volunteer to help others, and to have fun! Heri- tage Commons Senior Enrichment in Marshall and the Forks Senior Center in Albion continues to provide quality programming and activities for seniors on the east side of the county. In Battle Creek, CareWell Services has expanded senior programing at the Kool Family Community Center. For more informa- tion, call Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center at (269) 558-6150; the Forks Senior Center at (517) 629- 3842; or the Kool Family Community Center at (269) 965-0000.
Rebecca de Finta is the Special- ist and MMAP counselor of Calhoun County Senior Services, which admin- isters Senior Millage tax dollars. For more information, please call (269) 781-0846.

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