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  For Your Health
BY LESLIE GARDNER, Director of Marketing
    health and well-being. With the chang- ing of times, many people are left facing the important role of being a caregiver.
Exercise is another key component to seeing that we are at our optimal health. Benefits to getting proper exer- cise includes heart health, weight loss, reducing stress, mood boosters, energy burst, aiding in memory improvement, tapping into creativity, and improving self-confidence. Thirty minutes a day is all it takes! Walking the dog, going on hikes, taking a bike ride, jogging around the neighborhood, or stopping at the gym on your way home are all quick ways to get your 30 in. Now, grab your music and get moving!
The sooner we are able to recognize the presence of burnout; the sooner
we can get our health back on track.
By being proactive, doing these things mentioned above and also utilizing community resources, the sooner we can feel like the person we were created to be. As Les Brown said best, “Ask for help. Not because you are weak. But because you want to remain strong.”
Caregivers are all around us in our communities, from doctors to certified nursing assistants, parents to child, spouse to spouse, and even child to parent. If you envision the things that it takes from each of us to be that care- giver, we often don’t think of how to replenish the depletion. By not embel- lishing in self-care we then create the overwhelming feeling of burnout.
Everyone’s favorite thing to do is get some good sleep. Doctors recommend that we get about six to eight hours of sleep each night. Some healthy adults do require a little less and some require a little more – your body knows what you need, all you have to do is listen to it. As mentioned above, exercise is a key factor in better sleep.
Taking time to take care of ourselves can include a number of things, includ- ing adequate sleep each night, proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, and the ability to ask for help from those around you. Let’s talk a little more about each of these things.
Nutrition is a little more than just eating. Nutrition includes getting the proper fuel for our bodies. When we focus on getting more of the whole foods with the least ingredients, we are allowing our bodies to work smarter and not harder to process these foods. Keep in mind that often times, the foods that we think are a quick convenient health snack are actually packed with preser- vatives. Prep fruits and vegetables for the week ahead into small baggies
or containers and keep them handy for a quick snack. Hydration is the next
challenge many of us face because we are constantly on the go. Get a container that
Our daily lives seem to be busier now, more than ever. We often times forget the things that are re- ally important. At the top of that list should be our own
meets your daily water goal and keep it handy. Take a drink each time you have a moment to breathe or even in between tasks. It is recommended we get at least half of your weight in water each day.
else is in need of our assistance unless they ask. One resource we offer at
the Laurels of Bedford is respite stay for a loved one. Respite is a short and temporary stay in our facility that will allow you to get some rest or a much needed vacation without having to worry about who will be there to care for your loved one. We would be happy to talk about other resources available in the community as well.
Stay Ahead of Caregiver Burnout
 Burnout with caregivers includes a change in eating habits which can be accompanied with weight loss or gain, an overwhelming fatigue, feeling hopeless, self-neglect, sleep problems, headaches, stomachaches or other physical illnesses, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, diffi- culty coping, and even changes in mood.
In combination with all of these tips, there are also re- sources that many people are not aware of. Know when to ask for help. People don’t often realize someone

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