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   Surgical Options to Relieve Hip and Knee Pain
When pain or stiffness in your hip or knee makes it hard to get through the day or keeps you from doing the things you enjoy, it’s time to talk to your doctor about treatment options. Certain condi- tions, such as osteoarthritis or rheuma- toid arthritis, can weaken the hip or knee joint causing it to wear out prematurely. Likewise, an injury, such as a fall, can seriously damage the knee or hip joint making surgery the only viable option.
The two most common reasons for considering joint replacement surgery are disorders causing joint deterioration and injury. Symptoms may include:
• Persistent pain that doesn’t respond to medicine.
• Pain that worsens, even when using a cane or a walker.
• Trouble getting in and out of a chair or a car.
• Difficulty walking up and down stairs. • Inability to do activities you once
enjoyed because of pain or stiffness.
At Bronson Battle Creek, all of the orthopedic surgeons – Dr. Joseph Burkhardt, Dr. Barry Collins, Dr. Phillip Dabrowski, and Dr. Mark Russell – have performed hundreds of joint replacement surgeries, including robotic-assisted knee replacement.
If you’re having joint pain or muscle pain, you can get in quickly for an assessment at Bronson Orthopedic Specialists in Battle Creek and Marshall. Same day appointments are available. Call (855) 618-2676 or visit
For more information about having surgery at Bronson, visit
 Patients and families consistently comment on the exceptional care they receive at Bronson Battle Creek. You’ll find these patient and family stories published online at
I have never received better care.
“I was sent to Bronson Battle Creek through
a referral from the VA. I was admitted for observation, but that escalated
to major surgery rather quickly. From the team at Bronson General Surgery Specialists, to the amazing 5th floor nurses and care assistants who cared for me after surgery, to the laboratory and x-ray staff, to the custodial and food service teams ... EVERYONE who was a part of my healing process was professional and a major part of my recovery. I truly believe they are the best.”
– Jim, Surgery Patient
I chose to receive
my cancer treatment at Bronson Battle Creek, and the absolute best decision I could have ever made.
“After completing my first series of chemo, I was sent to Dr. Kerri Murray for surgery. She completed a lumpec- tomy and lymph node removal. She did a fantastic job! In fact, for my pro- cedure she used technology called the Savi Scout that hadn’t previously been used in Battle Creek. Other surgeons came to watch my surgery. And I am happy to say that she did a great job, leaving me with very minimal scarring!”
– Krista, Cancer Patient

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