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  predominate Philadelphia upholsterer, sewed some red, white, and blue cloth into our original national pennant. However, as history tends to
In parks and backyards, even on our televisions and cellular devices, we can revel in the idea that our flag, displayed on government buildings, businesses large and small, at sporting events,
confirm or contradict, which- ever the case may be, there is paltry proof that it was she who darned, basted, or stitched the first flag. Though her descen- dants say otherwise, there is
that we will each pause and think about our heritages, our freedoms, and about those who have, do, and will serve our nation under our glorious stars and stripes.
no diary entry, no bill of sale, nor even a notelet from George Washington they can produce that substantiates this legend.
So be Scene Around Town when you fire up the hibachi and put some brats on the coals, make your favorite potato sal- ads and deviled eggs, and invite your friends and neighbors
over for a celebratory picnic. Then when night time rolls
Betsy’s tale seems a good
story, but it was proven thread-
bare when Mary Pickersgill
of Baltimore, Maryland fashioned a more modern flag in 1815, hers with
15 stripes and a like number of stars representing the number of states in
the Union. Three years later, Congress, in its matchless manner, had its say by reducing the number of horizontal strips to 13 for the original colonies, and
1937 began to observe it as such, it is a time in which we can flip the calendar page to June 14, and see printed there the image of our flag, yours and mine, and take time to run it up the pole and to salute it.
around, ooh and aah those ever-present pyrotechnics that, following the first volley of booms that send our domestic pets scurrying under the bed or into the basement, and be grateful that we live in a country that affords us these many blessings.
For generations, we were taught that Elizabeth Griscom Ross, formerly of the Ashburn and Claypoole families by marriages, that
decreeing one star for each state that join the Union after that.
the skies in communities all across this land and celebrate our country’s birthday.
Scene Magazine honors active military and Veterans by printing a photograph of them in uniform. This is our salute to those
who put their lives on the line for all of us in our great country.
Call or email Christyn McCleary... (269) 979-1410 or
Make Betsy and Mary proud.
About 70 years later, B.J. Cigrand, a Wisconsin school teacher came up with the idea that no matter who designed or made Old Glory, we ought to commem- orate the concept by devoting an entire day to its presence and calling it... you guessed it, Flag Day. Though not an ‘official’ government holiday, only the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in
 Fast forward several weeks to July 4, our Independence Day, then look up to
Happy ‘fork’ of July everyone.
in local parades, and perhaps even from our front porches is something for which we can all be proud. I hope
 SCENE SALUTES!!! Honoring Active Military & Veterans

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