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  CalCo Admin Update
Calhoun County Administrator/Controller
   Here is what’s happening in Calhoun County Government this spring.
and components. More importantly, renovation plans aim to greatly improve the comfort, safety, and efficiency for employees and youth within the Juve- nile Home, and to expand the size and capacity so that all operations will take place on the main level and not in the basement level. Its cost will be offset with expected increased departmental revenues, and energy savings from
the second component of the capital improvement project – solar imple-
 each year. For example, the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) 2021 annual report is a 16-page snapshot into what was an
As part of the Public Defender Office’s partnership with Battle Creek Central High School’s Career Academy, a mock trial was held on Thursday, May 26 at the Justice Center with District Court Judges Jason Bomia and Michelle Richardson. The mock trial, which
 unusually busy and
unpredictable year.
Law enforcement
deputies responded
to over 25,000 calls
in 2021 and the jail
lodged over 5,000
people. There are
also updates from
our school liaisons,
the special response
team, K9 units, and
the countywide dive
team. Sheriff Steve
Hinkley reflects that
CCSO staff exceeded
expectations in their
dedication to continu-
ing to provide services for the public, while also navigating COVID-19 in the jail and amongst staff.
included weeks of preparation before- hand, was the final project for a practical law class taught by Joseph Hearns. With the help of Assistant Public Defender Andrea Satchwell
and Public Defender David Makled, the students prepared a fictional case in which a student is found with marijuana in the school. The students researched related laws and prepared court documents
We invite everyone to check out other departmental annual reports on our website, including, Parks, Senior Services, Solid Waste and Recycling, and the Treasurer’s Office. All 2021 Calhoun County department annual re- ports can be found at calhouncountymi. gov/annualreports.
mentation and lighting upgrades to nearly all county facilities. Following
a required 45-day public notice period, bond issuance steps can continue, with an expected timeline of closing on the financing later this summer. Next steps also include a detailed engineering and design process to be conducted by Ver- egy. If all goes as planned, construction will begin this fall and be complete in 2024.
and arguments ahead of time. On May 26, they conducted the trial, which included a pre-trial motion to suppress statements, opening statements, witness statements, and closing arguments. The students learned about the judicial pro- cess; sharpened their critical thinking, writing and analytical skills; and gained real-world experience in a supportive environment. Last fall, the Calhoun County Public Defender’s Office be- came a partner with Battle Creek Cen- tral High School’s Career Academy to offer experiences outside of the school.
Meanwhile, here are some other bid projects underway in 2022 with county government:
The Broadband Task Force continues to evaluate opportunities for improving internet access to every area of Calhoun County. Working with a team of ex- perts, including CTC which focuses on municipal networks around the world, we are gathering information from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Calhoun about future plans and current infrastructure, and soon a phone survey will be conducted by CTC to expand on results from the usage survey that we promoted in 2021. The phone survey will focus on affordability, usage, and
All communications sent by Calhoun County Government can be found on our Communications Department’s official communications webpage. Stay up to date with what’s going on in your county government by checking out that page or signing up for Calhoun News. For all sent communications, visit ments/administration/communications/ official_communications.php.
At the May 19 Board of Commis- sioners meeting, the Board of Commis- sioners approved financing and design work for a much-needed project – the renovation of the County’s Juvenile Home, built in the mid 1950’s and now functionally obsolete. This project will allow the Juvenile Home to continue
to operate on its current favorable site location, while extending the life of its structurally sound building mechanics
Many Calhoun County depart- ments develop annual reports to highlight some key statistics and sum- marize what ser- vices are provided to our residents
digital equity, and the results will help us in understanding the broadband envi- ronment in Calhoun so that we can find the best possible solutions for improv- ing access.

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