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     “The leaves come in so many different colors, and they aren’t a fussy plant.”
Her interest in gardening and all things outside, led Jean to check out the Master Gardener classes. “I knew some people who had taken the classes and become a Master Gardener,” she told me. “So, I attended the classes and those classes helped me focus on what I really wanted to accomplish in the garden.” She also told me she learned she didn’t have to do everything in the garden at once. Jean has continued her certification as a Master Gardener by volunteering time (before COVID) and accomplishing the required education hours online.
Jean learned about green growing things early in Holland, Michigan from a Mom who loved growing flowers and a Dad who loved growing vegetables. “We always had a garden, no matter where we lived,” she told me. So, after high school in Holland she headed for Michigan State University, you know, the one that’s known for green growing things? And she majored in Social Work. She did work for an agency, just before she and John were engaged. Once mar- ried, they were off to Germany where John was stationed for two years. After John’s deployment to Viet Nam, they came home to Battle Creek, bought their first “starter” home and over 50 years later they still live in that home.
“There was always a shrub or tree that needed pruning and it kept me outside while the kids were playing,” she said. “When we moved here it was a desert in the front yard, so I started there and just kept on going.” Jean did go back inside to work part time at several different places in our community including Godfrey Jewelry. “I really like num- bers, so finance became something I was good at,” she told me. “I worked at H&R Block doing taxes for a bit, and then Redwood & Ross. I met Cindy Leach and she asked me to check out the Community Foundation where
“I had been thinking about being on the Garden Tour,” Jean said. “When Sue Stetler asked our group if anyone was interested, I raised my hand.” Jean is a long-time volunteer, acting as a Garden Guide at homes on the Garden Tour in the past, but this year her garden will be on the tour for all to see what she’s been up to at her suburban home. “We have a couple of things that I think are unusual. We have a Camperdown Elm tree and
a beautiful climbing hydrangea that not everyone has in their back yard.” Jean also composts household items that usually go down the garbage disposal, but with composting, those items can
be recycled into rich compost for next year’s garden.
“We really like this neighborhood, and the different people who have been neighbors all these years,” Jean said. Jean chose not to work outside the home when their third child arrived. “I know childcare is tough now, but when our kids were small it was a matter of economics,” Jean told me. “If you could find childcare, could you afford it?” So, Jean began her gardening by stepping outside when the kids were outside.
she needed help with the accounting.” When the W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant ran out Jean left but ended up consulting when a federal grant was awarded to the schools, which included a need for finance.
Did you know that Jean’s favorite green growing thing is Coral Bells? “I really like their leaves rather than just the flow- er,” Jean told me.
Amy, Jim, and Kathy, Jean volunteered with organizations such as Junior League. “I seem to be the treasurer for any of the organizations I volunteer for,” Jean recalled. “Even at our church I have assisted with the finances... as well as time in the garden with other volunteers.”
Jean Godfrey
In addition to part time work and keeping track of their three children,
 “One more project for this year,” Jean told me. “I need to remember the names of the plants in the garden. I know visitors will ask me.”
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You can visit Godfrey’s garden at the 29th Annual Battle Creek Garden Tour on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17 beginning at 10am. Jane will be the one doing the last-minute pruning in the backyard. More information is available on page 29, or at https://www.facebook. com/events/474820907760256/4748209 17760255/?ref=newsfeed.

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