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  lived. SEVEN! Be a friend and don’t quote me on that... knowing “details” can be a little fuzzy for me.
Since I decided to write about rabies, it seemed fair to do a little research. Turns out that only 5-6% of bats have rabies. But still, that seems like a lot of bats. Then I read only one or two people get rabies from bats in America each year. My research con- sisted of TWO questions... and those were the answers I found. So there’s probably a thousand other details
I didn’t bother looking for. So, some apologies to bats seem deserved.
But still, no emails!
Amongst us kids at the bus stop – rabies were perceived in this manner... It could kill you – BUT – you might live if you made it to the hospital in time to get 50 SHOTS in your stomach! So rabies terrified us, but it usually didn’t stop us from tempting fate either. Let’s face it – being a young person is a glorious time for optimism.
Did you happen to read the book
To Kill a Mocking Bird? If you’re older than 40 you probably read it in school. Did you have the good fortune to see
the movie To Kill a Mocking Bird
with Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch?
Do you remember the scene when Atticus shot the rabid dog? Well I remember it. It’s like a tattoo on my brain. First I thought... “Mom was right about stray animals.” Second I thought... “My Dad doesn’t have a rifle. Can he even shoot?” So, I asked him... “Dad, can you shoot
a rifle?” You’ll probably guess what he said... “Go ask your Mom.”
So as a boy, rabies was a very strong deterrent for me. My Mom used it as the very best reasoning to avoid all of these things... a dead bird, a dead squirrel, a
blue jay feather, turtles or frogs as a pet, and stray animals. Cats, for instance had rabies-claws... “Oh, no we can’t keep that cat Ricky. We don’t know where he’s been. He could have rabies. He could scratch you, or your baby sisters, and you could
I almost outsmarted my Dad once after catching Lord-knows-what, and decided to ask him if I could keep it... “Dad? Did you ever know someone who actually got rabies? He looked at me and asked... “Lord, what did you bring home now?” When I started to answer back – he interrupted me and said...
“Go ask your mom.”
all get rabies and maybe die. Wouldn’t you
I read an article the other day (yes, I read... it’s better than TV by the way) that of ALL the people who have ever actually got rabies – ONLY seven people have
I’ll have to admit that I answered her with the a touch of shame in my voice, because I was covering up a naughty grin behind my shoulder... “Okay, I’ll let him go. I’m sorry Mom.” The crazy thing is, I asked my Mom about keeping the cat because I thought she’d see my enthusi- astic smile and say... “YES!” She never did. But, she was the parent I’d always ask. Do you know why I didn’t ask my Dad? Because he only had TWO answers for everything... and they were... “NO.” And of course the trail most traveled... “Go ask your Mom.” And we already know her answer don’t we?
This all brings us to my brain’s
most perceived player in the spreading of rabies... BATS. You might remember me speaking of bats. Let’s just say that bats and I don’t exchange emails. Oh sure, if I see one flutter by while walk- ing, I’ll give a respectful waive. But, we aren’t going to share any small talk, nor am I going to extend an invitation to my house.
feel horrible if your baby sisters got sick just because you kept that stray cat?”
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