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  Fun With Food
   Cookbook Hints
 I love to read cookbooks, and though I never fully follow
chocolate cake, use cocoa powder instead so there is no white residue.
• When cutting rhubarb, use scissors instead of a knife to keep the juice in the stalk.
• Heat a lemon before squeezing and it will produce almost twice as much juice.
• Before heating milk, rinse pan in hot water, and it will prevent milk from sticking.
• When rolling out sugar cookies, use powdered sugar instead of flour so cookies will have better flavor and not get hard.
• Place a pail of water in a freshly painted room and it will remove paint odor.
• Put a piece of white chalk in your jewelry box to keep jewelry from tarnishing.
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 cookbooks have ‘household hints’ as filler between sections and I thought it might be fun to share some with you. Below are ones I found most interesting.
• Peel carrots in warm water and they won’t stain your hands.
• To prevent older potatoes from turning dark when boiling them, add a slice of lemon to the water.
• Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the water when cooking rice because it will keep it white and fluffy.
• When ‘flouring’ a cake pan for a
‘Household Hints’
• When cooking potatoes, add one tablespoon of butter to water and it will not boil over.
• Put salt in the skillet rather than the hamburger when cooking your meat and the grease won’t splatter.
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a recipe, they do provide inspirations to create my own. Many of these

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