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 warmth. The electrical in the home was severely outdated.
On March 3rd Jenna’s home was condemned by the building official in Marshall. Jenna is now living in a hotel while Habitat raises the funds to build her a new home.
In getting to know Jenna more, we’ve discovered an artist. She has a painting that is hanging in the City Building in Marshall. This is one of many paintings from Jenna’s collection. Once this project is complete, we’d like to set up an art show to show the City of Marshall who this person is.
We are asking for help to build Jenna a new home. We are writing grants but still need help. If you know of any sub- contractors willing to donate their time please let us know. To make financial donations please visit
Hey there Readers and Eaters
Have you heard about Sprout BC?
In 2009, we began by networking with backyard gardeners, community garden- ers, conservationists, tree huggers, and anyone who wanted a better local food system for Battle Creek. We involved youth in our community every step of the way. We had a youth ran mobile market called Fresh on Wheels. We built the first urban farm in the city together in Wash- ington Heights, which is now owned by one of those original youth interns! We built a food hub, beginning by aggregat- ing farmers products and helping market them. We have grown to about $1mil- lion annual revenue selling local food to local people, keeping our dollars close
to home. Today, we are launching the Sprout Co-op Market & Deli – a commu- nity owned grocery downtown. And we want you to be an owner for as little as
a $200 investment. Sign up at https://
The Help Home program
is a voluntary program
whereby a person with dementia or their loved one, can register emergency information with the
Calhoun County Dispatch Authority in order to be returned home quickly and safely if lost.
Call (269) 979-1412 •
Providing emergency shelter, counseling, and legal advocacy to victims of domestic violence
and sex trafficking.
24/7 crisis line: 269-965-SAFE (7233) or 888-664-9832

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