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    With the first 100 days and the end of the school year complete, Superin- tendent Stephanie Lemmer is excited to continue moving towards the future. In the first 100 days of her role, Superin- tendent Lemmer focused relentlessly toward accomplishing five intentional goals with her team.
1. Develop a strong relationship with
Kindness, Acting Responsibility, Work- ing Hard, and Staying Safe) echoed by our community and to see additional values that were emphasized by our stakeholders as well,” Superintendent Lemmer remarked.
progress or in the planning stages. Superintendent Lemmer noted, “We
are making intentional strides toward the strategic goals for the district. From discussing and planning for enhanced safety and security at all facilities through the bond, to the creation of a new website and corresponding applica- tion to enhance communication, we are excited for the progress that is currently being made and to continue planning for the future.”
As Superintendent Lemmer contin- ues to drive progress within Pennfield, she is also looking forward to con- tinuing to build positive relationships with all stakeholders. “I am being intentional in taking the time to reflect on my strengths as an individual and leader, and to learn about the strengths of those around me.” One of the tools that Superintendent Lemmer is utilizing to build positive relationships and the strengths of others is Clifton Strengths, an online assessment tool that analyzes 34 unique strengths within an individ- ual. “Understanding the strengths with which an individual leads, helps me as
a leader understand the ways in which the individual communicates, processes, and delivers on tasks. Understanding the strengths that those around us have can make for more productive and efficient teams. Understanding our own strengths allows us to lean into our natural talents in order to help those around us.”
As Pennfield Schools closes the 2021-2022 school year, there is much to reflect upon, and look forward to. With a passionate leader, driven to create pos- itive change for the district and com- munity, in conjunction with dedicated and driven stakeholders, the future looks bright for Pennfield. “Together
we can build upon the legacy of what it means to be a Panther, create intentional change for students, and make a differ- ence for the community of Pennfield and Pennfield Schools. As we move into the summer and towards the 2022-2023 school year I am excited to continue our work together in making sure that each Pennfield student has the opportunity to Learn, Grow, and Lead.”
the Board of Education.
2. Continue to promote a safe and fis-
In addition to the discussion of what it means to grow/be a Panther, stake- holders also discussed and reflected
on the strengths of the district and
items that could be improved and/
or built upon. Stakeholders remarked
on the strength of Pennfield’s athletic programs, fine arts programs, student clubs, student advisory, Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs), volunteerism, and the intentional connection between buildings through programs like LINK. Beyond the strengths of the district, several items were also identified for continual improvement and growth such as the vision for students, community engagement, 21st century programming, inclusion, and building positive rela- tionships.
cally responsible school district. 3. Continue to build on staff engage- ment to promote a positive school
4. Continue to build student, family,
and community engagement to pro-
mote a positive school culture.
5. Analyze student achievement data
in order to identify critical issues in Pennfield Schools that are barriers to closing achievement gaps.
As she works to continue building staff, student, family, and community engagement, in order to promote a positive school culture, Superinten- dent Lemmer hosted three community forums aimed at reflecting upon a series of questions including, What does it mean to grow a Panther? and What does it mean to be a Panther?. “I felt
it was essential to come together as a community and discuss what it means to grow/be a Panther as we begin to look towards the future of Pennfield Schools. The input that our stakeholders provided was invaluable, and will serve to help guide us in strategic planning
as we consider the values that we want Pennfield students to leave us with.”
The district is looking forward to utilizing stakeholder feedback while planning strategic next steps this summer as it works toward achieving its vision of “Pennfield students will graduate empowered and prepared for future challenges in the global soci- ety.” Achieving the mission, vision, and strategic goals as laid out in the district’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, however, will take involvement from all stakeholders. “We are lucky to have a community that is willing to support and stand behind Pennfield Schools.” Superintendent Lemmer stated, “The passing of the $30 million dollar bond in November demonstrates the com- mitment our community has toward our schools.”
Many themes were identified throughout the community forums including an emphasis on valuing diversity, equity, inclusion, and social emotional well being. Stakeholders also noted the importance of promoting and supporting academics, curiosity, work ethic, kindness, respect, sense of ownership, and self worth for students. “It was wonderful to hear some of the values promoted through P.A.W.S.
The current strategic plan for Pen- nfield Schools contains four strategic goal areas for the district to focus on, including: academics/programs, com- munications/community engagement, learning environment, and facilities/ operations. Within each strategic goal area are several priority objectives to help achieve the overall goal statement, several of which are currently in
(an acronym used by the elementary buildings that stands for Practicing
What it means to grow/be a Panther.

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