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  Local Interest
President & CEO, Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce
   Building a Better Chamber, Stronger Community and More Vibrant Region
Love Battle Creek & Calhoun County Awards – recognized local businesses and individuals in 105 categories.
What We Do. We lead with integrity and respect. Our passion, purpose, and positivity guides all that we do. We pro- vide excellent experiences and the highest level of customer service.
• We are in the top percentile of Chambers of Commerce nationwide.
  Connect. Grow. Thrive. Since 1912, the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Com- merce has served as the transformational leader and trusted voice of the region’s business community. As the Greater Battle Creek region’s trusted voice and business leader, we work relentlessly to help busi- nesses connect, grow, and thrive.
• We provide high-quality networking and professional development for those in our member organizations.
one resource for best-practice and innovative resources and information for the community.
in-step with industry changes
2. Community Advocacy. Provide the information, connections, and services that will help Chamber members deal with the greatest challenges within our
We apply every five years for this award, and we feel that it embodies our efforts to serve Greater Battle Creek area as well as we can. But what does it really mean?
community so they can best promote,
Retention Rate. 93% Retention Rate. The national average for 5-star accredited chambers is 90%
• We host our monthly Eye Opener Breakfast & Expo on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
prise and promoting pro-growth poli-
cies at federal, state, and local levels
• Establishing best practices and staying
• We effectively push community progress.
• We have effective organizational procedures.
 As the Battle Creek and Calhoun County region continues to grow and evolve, the Battle Creek Area Chamber will continue to strengthen our efforts to ensure all businesses connect, grow, and thrive.
serve, and improve our region.
3. Storytelling. Help Chamber members
Building a Better Chamber, Stronger Community and More Vibrant Region. The Battle Creek Area Chamber of Com- merce is dedicated to delivering value
4. Organizational Excellence. Ensure the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce is the best organization it can be for staff and members.
• Annual Golf Outing
• Backyard Burgers & Brewsfest
• Spring/Fall into the Arts
• Business Excellence Awards
• Love Battle Creek & Awards (every
and providing the tools and resources that businesses need to connect, grow, and thrive. Whether it’s making invaluable community and business connections, supporting transformational economic development, providing cost-saving mem- bership benefits and professional devel- opment opportunities, or participating in public policy discussions that affect our region, the Battle Creek Area Chamber strives to meet the needs of each of our 600+ members.
Accredited chambers are recognized for their ability to serve as a resource to their region’s businesses while maintaining transparent governance practices, sound financial controls, safe work environ- ments, effective communications, and value in programming.
craft their narratives and serve as a platform and megaphone for Chamber member success stories.
Notable Events
Why is our chamber accredited?
 Why join the Chamber of Commerce?
 Sustaining Growth of My Business
• I want to attract quality employees.
• I need to tap into networks of peer
• I’d like to learn from subject-matter experts
and have strategic conversations around
common business issues.
Increasing My Business Visibility
• I’d like to increase marketing exposure, sales, and generate new leads.
• I’d like to expand my business relationships and establish credibility in my industry and my community.
Improving the Business Climate
• I’d like to develop relationships with policy decision-makers and help craft a pro-business agenda.
• Developing key talent, building our talent pipeline, and giving back to our community are very important to me.
• Access to influencers and community leaders will help us do this.
Investing in Our Local Community
• I’m interested in protecting our community assets and shaping our region’s long-term influence.
• I’d like to contribute to collective impact and support organizations that make a difference.
• Economic development and addressing our region’s challenges are important to me
Strategic Direction and Vision. In 2020, The Chamber’s Board of Directors approved a strategic direction consisting of four NEW Pillars providing more value to the Chamber and its members.
1. Center of Excellence. Be the number
strong business practices
• Recognizing leadership and outstanding
By earning Accreditation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a chamber shows its dedication to:
• Reviewing, improving, and promoting
contributions to the community
• Supporting the principles of free enter-
 # of members
 # of new members (2020-2021)
 # of ribbon cuttings
 # of Field Trip Fridays
 Total amount of $110,000 in chamber gift certificates in the community in 2021
 # Total local chamber gift certificates sold = 4,400
 Total number of participants in the local chamber gift certificate programs
= 50 participating locations
Board of Directors
Standing Committees

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