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   and community leaders who were con- cerned about the earth’s future, Earth Day activities have mobilized millions of people annually who want to help our environment because there is no ‘plan- et B.’
If you would like to join your neigh- bors and friends in cleaning sections
of our Linear Park during the week of April 18-24 (Monday-Sunday), contact the City’s Department of Public Works, 150 S Kendall St. between 9am-4pm, or call (269) 966-3355 ext.1889 or (269) 966-3507. Participants may also sign waivers online at events. On Monday, April 25, follow- ing the event, the City will pick up the volunteer-filled garbage bags.
Locally, for the seventh year in a row, the City of Battle Creek is inviting families and community neighbors to follow the lead of others by participat- ing in cleaning sections of the 26-mile Linear Park path. Unlike some green spaces, our Linear Park has no admis- sion charges and no official entrance. This paved pathway meanders through- out greater Battle Creek, allowing you to get ‘on the park’ almost anywhere.
us time to appreciate all the beauty and wonder our world has to offer.
“Earth Week gives us time to reflect on an issue that’s incredibly import- ant to everybody,” said Bessie Stears, environmental program director in the Department of Public Works for the City of Battle Creek who is spearhead- ing this year’s project. “Our planet is something we all share and want to protect and maintain. Earth Week gives
In years past, local volunteers have pulled many interesting things out of the river and near its surrounding paths from shopping carts and mattresses
to hot tub covers and tires. Last year, volunteers also worked on removing invasive shrubs and trees that were choking out the native plants along the river’s edge.
So, for what’s its ‘earth,’ I hope you will be Scene Around Town on the Lin- ear Path this month because the earth means the world to all of us.
For over half a century, Americans have paused during the third week in April to celebrate Earth Days. Begun in 1970 by eco- logically minded college students
‘Krazy for the Kazoo’in October, helps to preserve our most precious resource – water,” said Stears. “It’s the driving force and very foundation that keeps us all alive. The amount of garbage that rolls its way towards our water systems could be very daunting if we didn’t hold these kinds of events every year.”
The Earth Means the World to All of Us
“It’s an amazing sight to see our volunteers cleaning up trash along the Linear Park, especially along the river,” Stears continued. “Keeping the path clean and safe is important for not only the City, but also to the many families who travel on it each day.”
Earth Day events like this one in Bat- tle Creek are excellent ways for local residents to gather in our park system to show our support for a healthier planet. That first event 52 years ago brought about the creation of the U.S. Environ- mental Protection Agency and the pas- sage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. Who knows what our work this year can accomplish for our futures?
“This spring event, along with our
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