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     aren’t running their business, CTI Mechanical here in Battle Creek, Tina escapes to Arizona to participate in race car training. “It’s not all about speed,” she told me. “The track had
It was while they were in Pennfield that their family and business became larger than the house they were living in could handle so they searched for
a larger one and found it on 6 Mile Road. Eventually after they grew the business out of the second house they purchased, they found the right place on Columbia Avenue.
a lot of curves so you could only go about 110!”
Somehow Tina going 110 and
not thinking it was that fast didn’t surprise me as she talked about all the tasks, issues, responsibilities, and mis- sions she takes on with a smile and
a lot of determination. “I was born
in Marshall and lived in the village
of Ceresco,” she said. “I graduated from Harper Creek High School and attended Western.” Tina was success- fully working in sales in Indiana when she met Chad. “He worked for me,” she said with a smile. “... and then I promoted him!”
and the twins Celia and Rachel, 15, (sophomores at Harper Creek).
In addition to their two businesses and the community work they are involved in, they do have five chil- dren they are raising. “We’ve tried
Their friendship led to marriage and returning to Michigan when her father had a health crisis. They’ve successfully built their family while creating a business and participating in their community. Their family consists of five children, Kenton, 22 (attending Kettering University), Jack, 20 (in sales for CTI), Mitchell 17 (a senior at Harper Creek High School),
to involve them in the volunteerism we do,” she said. “We can’t control everything. We can control what’s under our roof; our kids need to see
if we don’t do it, who will? If we don’t believe in our community, if we don’t take care of the places in our community like SafePlace or CIR, who will?” She continues, “We make a deliberate decision about how we spend our marketing resources. I want to support organizations that are key in our community. I’ve found that
Did you know that if Tina Kyger had it to do all over again, she’d be a Formula One race car driver? When she and her husband Chad
Tina Kyger
To say Tina is a “people person” underestimates who she is and doesn’t take into account her real passions.
“I love helping people that way,” she tells me about their most recent busi- ness. “We found a piece of land on River Road and decided to purchase
it and build homes. And I took classes and am now a realtor.” This is the woman with a husband, five kids, two businesses, the president of the Harp- er Creek Educational Foundation, co-president of AMBUCs, and on the board of the Better Business Bureau Serving West Michigan. “I also served on the Harper Creek School Board and enjoyed it while I was on the board,” she told me.
in Pennfield Township and began the CTI business in their home. “While we were living in Pennfield I was volunteering at the schools when a lady came up to me and asked me if I worked at the school,” she told me. “I said, no, I’m just here a lot!”
Tina and her family used to live
Another way Tina and Chad have given back to the community so that the community will benefit is their work with scholarships going into trades. “We had several kids who came to us and learned how to work with their hands, and they learned what they needed to learn about working... you know, like showing up on time?” she told me. “Now they are working at Motor Shop [Electric] with John [Banks] and going through the apprenticeship program.”
this community has a great return on investment... you give an ounce and get back a pound.”
T. R. Shaw Jr. Co-Founder / CEO / 269-209-5555 cell / Kathy Shaw Co-Founder / President / 269-209-9719 cell /
One last thought from Tina, “I want to have a community that’s here for my grandkids. Is it going to help your neighbor, is it going to help your kids, is it the right thing to do?”

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