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  a little weird when you “talk back” out loud. And since I seem to be able to
find even the smallest of advantages – it makes me appreciative when I discover a moment of self-revelation. Or, I’m a little weird, and I’m gonna talk about me for
a minute.
Oh sure I talk to me at the office all the
Anyway, as I’m bustling about I hear a voice. A voice loud enough that it startled the conversation I was already having with myself. You’ll never guess what this voice said... “Do I need another sword?” I peered out from behind a cabinet cau- tiously to locate the voice. It’s a question that deserves a bit of caution don’t you think?
My wife and I have found it advan- tageous to split up the grocery list each week and shop at two different stores. If one of us doesn’t find an item on our list, there’s a good chance the other shopper will.
time. But that can work to my advantage. Very few people visit my office unan- nounced. Do you know why? People seem to think I’m already in a meeting! The “habit” does afford me a bit of privacy now-and-then. Like I said... it can be an advantage.
So, a couple weeks ago after paying for “my” list of groceries – I lost my wallet. I looked, and looked, and looked some more. Guess what? I spoke out loud... “Where in the heck is my wallet?!” A nice gal, with a forgiving smile touched my arm, and pointed to the metal counter- top on my right, then she said, “It’s right there.” So it seems my friends... talking to myself is definitely an advantage!
My wife will yell out a sorta worried question, but I know it’s really covering up a schoolgirl smile... “Everything going okay down in the shop? I heard swear- ing.” So there you go... I talk out loud – to myself – in the workshop, all the time. Heck, probably every time. You probably won’t believe this, but it kinda makes my
“Most” booths at the antique mall display their treasures in a “U” shape – to allow for easy access, item retrieval, and one’s eventual exit. My father on the other hand used a “C” shape in all his booths. He wasn’t about to waste valuable real estate on easy access for Pete’s sake!
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Okay, I KNOW I talk to myself while I’m working. I’m also pretty sure that most folks do in fact, talk to them- selves too.
time in the shop a little more fun. And I’m absolutely brutal to myself when I screw up. But I don’t care... turns out... I can take it. It’s an advantage I’ve applied
Dad’s booths always took some puzzle solving if you wanted to buy something – especially if it was a particularly large item.
The “habit” only starts to get
There was a moment that happened to me some time ago... It was when I was straightening up, and dusting one of my Dad’s 14,974 antique booths. It’s possible that some hyperbole has been used on the actual number. So I could be challenged on the “exact” number of booths... give or take a few. This would be a moment when math comes in to play.
Some Advantages
to nearly everything I’ve tried to do my whole life. Okay, except for those times when I’ve had to use math.
On this particular day, the “C” shape worked to my advantage – the “voice” couldn’t see me. The voice and the ques- tion came from a younger man than me. He was in the booth across from the one
I was working in. He stood in front of the sword with one hand rubbing his chin, then picked up the sword and walked off. I remember thinking to myself... or maybe I said it out loud... “I’ve got to remember not to talk to myself when I’m shopping – people might think it’s weird.”
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