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Head of School, Montessori Academy Battle Creek
     to move freely from one work area to another. In our
classrooms, you will see self-motivated, curious children learning at their own pace. Our multi-age classrooms are
lead by state and Montessori certified teachers that guide students through long blocks of uninterrupted work time. We are a team of encouragers who want to see everyone succeed and reach their fullest potential.
Our building is not made up of traditional classrooms with four walls, which might sound odd at first. Instead,
It LOOKS different.
We provide a level of rigor that most public schools don’t. Our Mon- tessori education style allows students to move ahead whenever they are ready, which allows our students to excel in their education. We get asked a lot, “What do Montessori teachers do since they don’t stand in front of the class and teach?” Our teachers act as guides and assistants to our students. Each day, our classrooms start with lessons and then have blocks of unin- terrupted work time. This time allows them to dive into that day’s work – at their own pace.
Discover a new style of learning for your child! At Battle Creek Mon- tessori Academy, we have an open workspace that allows children
We Are a Team of Encouragers
we have an open workspace that allows children to move freely from area to area. In our classrooms, you will see self-motivated, curious children moving from table work to rug work, from letter sound sequencing to math manipula- tives. Our multi-age classrooms are led by state and Montessori certified teach- ers that guide students through long blocks of uninterrupted work time. The Montessori method allows for individu- alized learning within the classroom.
It SOUNDS different.
One of the first comments we hear from visitors is how peaceful and quiet it is here, even in a building full of children using hands-on materials in multi-age classrooms. Play and move- ment is human nature. So why would we restrict our students to desks all day long? The Montessori Method believes that students learn best when they have some creative freedom. This means we encourage our students to choose the workspace that best aids in learning, whether it be on the floor, at a table,
or in a beanbag. And believe it or not, our students maintain a very low noise level all while working and learning together.
It just FEELS different.
Our school family is just that. We look out for one another, we challenge each other to grow, and we respect one another. There’s a certain level of famil- iarity and friendship here that you won’t find in another school setting.
It’s Magic Here!
Have you considered this unique style for your child? Watch their creativity blossom as they lead their own learning. Listen as they explain how they’re comprehending math for the first time. Feel the difference in their excitement about school and their subjects.
Join our safe and caring school family! We are enrolling Kindergarten through 8th grade for Fall 2022! Learn more at battlecreekmontessori. com/enroll.

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