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Superintendent, Harper Creek Community Schools
     affected by the challenges and changes it brings, but let’s take a moment to shift the focus and celebrate the opportuni- ties and improvements it brings about
as well. While it is true the pandemic arrived unexpectedly, forever changing the landscape of daily life and the way we educate our children, it also unex- pectedly brought to light the utmost importance and value of partnerships in education.
Without a doubt, the pandemic cemented the family-school partnership as paramount. Correspondingly, it made crystal clear the crucial role partner- ships with our community groups and organizations are to our success. Our community partners rally around to help us meet the basic needs of our students and families with goods and services including food, shelter, and wellness. Research shows students are less likely to come to school ready to learn if their basic needs are not met. Accordingly, families cannot concentrate on their responsibilities if basic needs remain unfilled. For this reason, and a myriad of others, we are grateful to our commu- nity partners who fill the void, partners that include Love Thy Neighbor Food Pantry, Charitable Union, Summit Pointe, Grace Health, Chartwells Dining Services, CityLinC Ministries, Calhoun County Public Health Department, and Calhoun Intermediate School District.
Our first and foremost partnership in education remains between educators and families. It is a powerful, symbi- otic partnership where Harper Creek
Who knew
the pandemic would continue
to dominate our conversation nearly two years after its inception? On a daily basis we continue to be
Partnerships in Education
Community Schools takes responsi- bility for educating, empowering, and equipping students for life beyond the classrooms, including critical thinking and effective communication skills, creativity and curiosity, and civic duties, families have the responsibility to instill morals and values, and respect for others and self. Like every relation- ship, the foundation of this partnership
is ongoing, intentional two-way com- munication. Together we continue to find new ways to communicate, from relaying information to one-to-one critical conversations. We owe it to our children to foster and maintain positive partnerships.
Celebrating over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in funds
• Harper Creek Scholarship Fund
• Kevin Swafford Memorial Fund
• Mark Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund
• Nancy Hyde Honorary Fund
• Nicholas Rocca Memorial Scholarship Fund
• Paul Nicolich Harper Creek Memorial
Scholarship Fund
• Ceresco Community Club Scholarship Fund
• Dave Studer Athletic Wrestling Scholarship Fund
• Allyn and Dorothy Miller Scholarship Fund
• Dave Smith Memorial Fund
• Carl C. Gawart Memorial Scholarship Fund
• C. Glen Walter Scholarship Fund
• Larry Inman Skilled Trades Scholarship Fund
• Diane Stinson / Jan Amy Extended Day Activity Fund
• Beatrice B. Forward Memorial Fund
• Christa Ferree Scholarship Fund
• Dawn R. Vaive Memorial Scholarship Fund
• Harper Creek Optimist Memorial Scholarship Fund • Juliee T. Hazel Norman Scholarship Fund
• Scott Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund
• Verne and Bonnie DeYoung Family Athletic
• Harper Creek Community Schools Educational
Foundation Fund
• Harper Creek Community Schools Educational
Foundation Community Project Fund
   Learn and grow with us – create a legacy of your own. • • 269-962-2181
 Community partners not only fill a void but bring innovation and opportu- nity. From FIRST Robotics programs that offer hands-on STEM experience to the Watch D.O.G. programs that build positive relationships and help ensure security, we welcome these relation- ships which enrich the lives of our students and continue to seek opportuni- ties to connect. To that end, we coordi- nate a bi-monthly community partners breakfast – Beyond the Cereal Bowl – for local non-profits, organizations, gov- ernment leaders, and businesses to keep us connected, share resources, generate ideas and partnerships.
Yes, it truly takes a village to raise and educate a child, and our community champions the cause. I am grateful for our partnerships, our shared responsibil- ities, our village, and I am proud to be your partner in education.
 All my best, Rob Ridgeway, Superinten- dent, Harper Creek Community Schools

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