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 The Way I’ve Scene I
   kids, we loved that day, and surely, our mom did too. I mean, how could she not? Our dad made sure we each had a prezzy for her, and being the crowned prince of practicality, we usually gave her things like nylons, undergarments of every kind, or maybe even a new top.
If I go into a store or out to eat on Mother’s Day, because I am a woman, someone invariably tells me Happy Mother’s Day. It’s thoughtful of the well-wisher, but this wisher wishes they would stop it. In church, just seven months after my precious mom died, there was a competition rollcall of mothers. Who had the most children? Who had children attending with them? Whose children or mom came the fur- thest distance to be there?
I’m more of an Aunt anyway, as it turns out. Some women want babies but can’t have them. Some women have ba- bies but don’t want them. Some moms don’t have custody of their kids, and some kids have lost their way and don’t go home or even call anymore. Some women don’t have nice mamas like ours was. Sometimes, poor health has changed the moms we remember and sometimes, moms don’t remember their daughters anymore. Some women are mourning the loss of a child and some are mourning the loss of their mom. If you think about, it’s sort of complex.
It looked like back to school shopping if you ask me. We always sweetened the pot with things we made for her at school. There was a clay bear ashtray, a decorated Old Spice box for trinkets, obviously, there were numer- ous macaroni necklaces through the years and our best go-to item – coupon books that promised the redeemer things like back rubs, washed dishes,
a cleaned bathroom, and some vacuuming.
The men’s club moved through the room handing a flower out to each woman. I declined. The sweet man insisted, “No, it’s for Mother’s Day!”
I quietly replied, “No thank you. I
don’t have children, and my mom is deceased.” Still, he insisted, so I took the flower, and when the service finally came to an end, I handed the unwanted bloom to the happy mom next to me and hurried out the door. I was miserable.
Perhaps, if you are not sure about the untold story of the woman in front of you this Mother’s Day, unless she brings it up first, you could consider refraining from dragging her into the web of unintended pain, and just wish her glorious spring day. Or, if you have a sassy mouth, and you are me, maybe you should just lay low for a few days until it’s time to shop the all-important sales that so obviously honor the dead each Memorial Day.
I would pick for her as many violets as my little hand could hold and added a few dandelions for a splash of color, and voila, there was a stunning bouquet in a juice glass for the dining room table. She graciously gushed over each child and each gift. It was supposed to
I guess I just think it’s a very person- al thing. Mostly, The Hub and I did not want to have children, but sometimes, I secretly wished we would have. It’s fine that we didn’t, I mean, I dreamt of
It’s May, so some of you are happily looking forward to Moth- er’s Day, and rightly so. If you are, I hope your day is filled with joy. When we were
be a day about her, but somehow, I think in her wonderful best-mother-way, she quietly made it about us, without our knowing it. She was just the best mom and a well-loved person who left us way too soon 19 years ago. When she went, she took my Mother’s Day with her.
having a baby on two separate oc- casions, and both times, I decided I really didn’t want one, so once I put the dream baby in a dresser drawer and the other time, I put the dream baby in my purse and later into a shoe box, so let’s assume it is probably best that I have dogs instead!
Please Don’t Give Me a Flower

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