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Director, Calhoun County Veterans Affairs
    a small sense of fulfillment. However, it served other purposes as well. It served as a calendar. On deployments and training exercises (also boot camp), I re- member counting down the days using the number of breakfasts that were left until we departed. Meals, whether taken in a chow hall or in the field, usually served as a period of respite and time to build bonds with comrades. Dependent on circumstance, sometimes the meals elicited high praise and at other times beleaguered moans. I think in some small way my time in service contribut- ed to my love of food today.
A little over a year ago, I was introduced to a fellow Veteran through our work with Calhoun County’s Joint Operation Center. Brendan Pizzala, who serves as the Chief Safety Officer for the City of Battle Creek, and I were assigned to work together on the
Thinking back on my time in
the military, food played a subtle yet vital role in my military story. Of course, it served as sustenance pro- viding energy and
Logistics & Sustainment Team. We soon realized that not only did we both have beards but we also had many sim- ilar interests, one of which is food. Af- ter knowing each other for over a year, an idea occurred to me. We could use our shared interest in food to highlight locally owned businesses that offer dis- counts to Veterans. I pitched the idea
to Brendan and without reservation
(no pun intended) he was in. Having already eaten there several times, we decided the first restaurant we would highlight would be Serious Dogs locat- ed at 55 S. 20th Street in Battle Creek. Serious Dogs is owned by brothers Thomas and James Woodin and was opened on December 16th, 2020.
They offer a 10% discount to Veterans during all operating hours. All hot dogs are priced at $6.99 ($9.99 for a combo that includes a 20oz. drink and a small side) and smash burgers are priced
at $7.99 ($10.99 for a combo). The menu also offers several sandwiches, assorted sides, and desserts. Every time we have visited we have been greeted by friendly staff ready to answer any questions we might have had. I ordered the BBQ Bacon Cheese Dog, the Olive Smash (burger), and the Tater Tot
Poutine ($4.49 for a small order). Brendan ordered the Grilled Cheese ($5.99), the Traditional Coney Dog, and Buffalo Tots ($4.49). Brendan de- scribed his meal as such, “The Grilled Cheese, combines generous portions
of American and cheddar cheeses between Serious Dogs’ signature bun. It is heavy, cheesy, and downright delicious! Sitting next to the Grilled Cheese laid a mound of Buffalo Tots, which are no mere tater tots. These are crisp tots that are covered in a lavishly creamy blue cheese sauce, sprinkled with smoky bacon bits, and dashed to perfection with hot sauce. The com- bination of the tots and toppings hits the nail on the head! Next up was the Traditional Coney Dog, which on the menu lists the toppings as ‘Coney Meat, onions and mustard’ (I ordered mine without onions). As the Tradition- al Coney Dog was placed before me I could tell immediately that this was no wimpy Coney sauce, but a meat in a class by itself. If that was not enough, the Coney Meat covered the 1⁄4 pound hot dog, graciously topped with a belt of yellow mustard, all of which was placed charmingly into that irresistible Serious Dogs bun!” I absolutely agree with Brendan that the bun is irresistible. If you have ever had a really well made lobster roll, this is likely the same bun. It is perfectly toasted to compliment
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the softness inside with a slight crunch on the outside. My hot dog and tots, just like Brendan’s were spectacular. If you are a fan of smash burgers, I would recommend having one at Serious Dogs and if you have never tried one, this
is a great place to start! Brendan and I will definitely be coming back, without hesitation, to Serious Dogs.
For more information on Serious Dogs, you can visit their website at seri- or you can check them out on Facebook for up-to-date deals and limited-time menu options. If you know of a locally owned restaurant here in Calhoun County that offers discounts to Veterans, please let us know by call- ing Calhoun County Veterans Affairs at (269) 969-6735.

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