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Welcome to our newest section – the Non-Profit News. During the pandemic one of the sectors most challenged included area non-profits that traditionally thrived by bringing people together at community events. With the elimination
of fundraising events, the reduced contributions made it a struggle for many, and even worse for others. This section is intended to re-introduce you to many of our local non-profits that have managed through and continue to meet individual and community needs every week. You will read about how you can help, how others have continued to help, and events they are planning going forward. Together, with the support of the Battle Creek Community Foundation, we are providing another avenue of information as we extend a hand to help up others that are a critical part of what makes our community great. Whether you hope to donate time or treasures in 2021 this feature will give you an idea of where to start.
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               The Non-Profit News is being presented to Scene Magazine readers in part by the generosity of the Battle Creek Community Foundation.
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