Page 9 - Scene Magazine 46-02 February 2021
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 Scene Around Town
   Now that we are nearly two months
into 2021, those who have stayed with the syllabus are hopeful of preserving a couple of those promises... at least I am.
You will no doubt also notice that as the winter weeks go by the soft glow of neighbors’ kitchen overheads will be- come more noticeable; you can tell who sleeps in and who loafs over their crisp whole wheat toast and morning java. As we wander we can wish we were they.
The pandemic, which began a year ago, has offered us a good excuse for not working out at the local intergalactic sweatshops. So we have had to go to plan B or in some cases, plan X or Y. Part of the impetus has been the adver- tisements shaming us into thinking that we need to purchase a ‘ton’ of exercise equipment, but there are some alter- natives that are far less expensive and can still help us grasp our goals. I am referring to the simple acts of walking, jogging, or perhaps cycling.
write this, I’m willing to bet that we’ll get a bunch of snow, so I will apologize to all you non-Norwegians who will not be happy seeing that white stuff on anything but in pretty pictures.
I have discovered of late that I am not the only one up and around at that ungodly hour, so I try to make certain not to disturb others. I tread lightly on the gravel and leftover leaves in the lanes. Sadly I am not always successful as I occasionally am greeted by howling hounds concerned with my company.
Typically during most Michigan winter months, one would have to put chains or studs on the bike tires to get around, but so far, those have not been needed this year.
But I strolled off course. I was talking about walking. Some of us meander, others power pace. Whatever your speed, it can be of great comfort to get out of the house and fill your lungs with fresh air. An unrealized benefit is that you can also get a new perspective of where you live. For those who par- take, you can be ‘scene’ in your neigh- borhood in the early morning hours be- fore traffic picks up. You can appreciate your environs in a whole different hue for most of the houses will still be dark, cars left in driveways overnight will not
On odd occasions, I pass a jogger (or two) heading in the opposite direction; we wave. Our courses cross several more times on bordering blocks before all is said and done. We are each trying to keep the commitments to healthier health we made two months ago.
The same for our footwear. Cram- pons can hang on the hooks in our garages, but you know, as soon as I
As I tear off another calendar page, I am confident we can all look forward to warmer weather where we can be Scene Around Town or at least in our own neighborhoods in 2021. In the end though, we’ll all have to ‘weight’ and see if everything we’ve been doing is working.
It seems that just about every January 1, some- one commits to being more phys- ically fit hoping to eventually peel some poundage.
yet been uncovered from their frosty or snowy coverings; and the lamppost sensors will keep overhead lights lit.
New Year’s Resolutions – ‘weight’ and see.

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