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Director, Calhoun County Veterans Affairs
    Center (VAMC) for an extended period of time. You are already anxious and stressed about your diagnosis. To add to your worries, the hospital where treatment is available to you is several hours away from your family who are your only support system. The idea
of over $20 million, the first Fisher House was opened in 1991 in Bethes- da, Maryland. It was dedicated by then President George H.W. Bush. Later
the same year, a second Fisher House opened at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. To date, there are currently 91 Fisher Houses that are located on 25 military bases and 41 VA Medical Centers across the world (there are Fisher Houses in Germany and the United Kingdom). Opened on June 1, 2020, the Fisher House in Ann Arbor is one of the newest. The Fisher House at the Ann Arbor VAMC serves not only the families of Veterans receiving care at the VAMC, but also those who are re- ceiving their care from a VA-authorized
a Fisher House. In order to be eligible for families to stay at the Ann Arbor Fisher House, families must live more than 50 miles or more than two hours from the Fisher House, must be active- ly involved in the Veteran’s treatment plan, are medically stable, and are willing to abide by all guidelines and regulations established by the House.
of being apart from them is almost as agonizing as the illness you are facing. You know that the treatment will be long and daunting, and your family will be the most meaningful respite you will receive while undergoing treatment. There are plenty of hotels near the hospital, but you know that you are not reasonably able to afford keeping your family in a surrounding hotel for the duration of your treat- ment. You are not sure what to do.
You have even weighed the option of skipping the treatment altogether, but you know that is not a realistic option. Out of ideas, you decide to contact your medical team at the VA and ask if they have any suggestions. Fortunately, they do.
If you have questions regarding Fisher Houses at the national level (, their contact number is (888) 294-8560. For local inquires, the Ann Arbor Fisher House (fisher- can be contacted at (734) 845-3055.
Imagine that you are a Veter- an that has been diagnosed with an illness and the treatment requires that you be in
a VA Medical
received a phone call from a friend named Zachary Fisher. Mr. Fisher was a successful businessman who worked in construction and real estate in New York. A long-time supporter of the military, Mr. Fisher’s reason for this call was to ask Admiral Trost if he knew of any projects that he might be able to assist with. The Admiral mentioned several ideas including his wife’s. Mr. Fisher decided to support Mrs. Trost’s dream and after a gift
hospital in the community. Since 1991, Fisher Houses have served over 400,000 families with a savings to those families of over $500 million.
Fisher Houses
Eligibility is established by the base or hospital that the Fisher House is attached to, but the commonality is that there is no cost for a family to stay at
If you have questions regarding benefits for Veterans please contact us. Calhoun County Veterans Affairs can be reached at (269) 969-6735. If you would prefer to reach us by e-mail, you can do so at
 Providing services for veterans and their families.
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                                                                                              (269) 969-6735 • 190 East Michigan Avenue, Third Floor, Battle Creek, Michigan
In the mid-1970’s, Pauline Trost recognized the hardship that service members and Veterans faced when receiving medical treatment away from their families. Starting in Bethes- da, Maryland, where Mrs. Trost’s husband, Admiral Carlisle Trost was serving as Chief of Naval Operations, she envisioned temporary housing where families could stay, at no cost, while their Veteran or service member was undergoing treatment. In 1986, Mrs. Trost brought the idea to Mrs.
Iris Reiman who, at the time, was the president of the Naval Officers Wives Club in the Washington area. Mrs. Reiman presented the idea at the club’s next meeting and it received the club’s full support. In 1990, Admiral Trost

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