Page 18 - Scene Magazine 46-02 February 2021
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 his students to the Kimball House. He said Mary kept college students at rapt attention for an impressive amount of time. He also pointed out that, “Mary made history accessible. Good historians understand how to take a moment
from the past and make it relevant to
the present... [This] was one of Mary’s academic gifts to my classes over the years. She is missed.” KCC History professor Michelle Wright helped Mary with research and fundraising events. She observed that, “Mary was so passionate and knowledgeable on Battle Creek
Mary Butler admiring the Archive collec- tion of political ephemera.
history. Every time I worked with her, her enthusiasm rubbed off and made me want to do more and learn more.”
In conclusion, Jody said, “The passing of Mary is a loss to the community too large to be measured. It is up to us to enjoy and learn from the legacy she left us. It is up to us to continue, as she did, to uncover the stories and objects that might otherwise be lost. The sign at Kimball House Museum: ‘Mary Butler – Forever
in our Hearts,’ is not to be a reminder
of what she left us, but an incentive to continue the work she accomplished.”
 NOTE: I received more information about Mary than I can include here but it is now part of our archive which will be named after her. Go to for more information about the Historical Society as
well as the 2nd grade project and other history items. See also the Battle Creek Regional History Museum, Please join both organizations to continue to preserve our history.
  The Historical Society of Battle Creek is collecting donations for a Memorial for Mary Fund
 The funds will go to the upkeep/improvements for the Kimball House, supplies for the Mary G. Butler Archives, and other possible projects. Make your check out to the HSBC with Memorial for Mary in the notation line. Mail it to Historical Society of Battle Creek, 165 North Washington, Battle Creek, Michigan, 49037. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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