Page 9 - Scene Magazine 46-01 January 2021
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 Scene Around Town
 The first of
each New Year, (OK, we’re already almost a month into it), many of us have resolved to change, improve, or at least not adopt any new bad
habits going forward. I realize that that in itself is a pretty lofty, but
hopefully attainable goal.
Many of us vow to lose
or at least try to lose some weight this year. However, about May or June, we will no doubt remove the clothing we’ve hung on our exercise equipment in the corner of the bedroom and move that apparatus out to the garage so we can try to sell it at a garage sale... like we tried to do last year.
Similar excuses are
glossed over or forgotten in
lieu of new ones. To para-
phrase my grandfather... New
Year’s resolutions go in one
‘year and out the other.’ But
in the end, we strive to think about or are shamed into turning over a new leaf. Best intentions should count for some- thing after all, shouldn’t they?
So, with all of that in mind, I offer
some pledges from someone who ought to know better, but will try to honor his promises anyway.
In 2021 I will...
• Stop making lists.
• Switch my username to ‘password’
and my password to ‘username’ just to make each a lot more difficult for hackers to figure out.
• Claim all my pets as dependents on my taxes.
• Visit the grocery more often espe- cially when free samples are being served.
• Eat every carrot and pea on my plate. • Misplace things on purpose.
• Use something other than the sleeve
of my shirt when I dust.
• Leave the past behind me. Which
means if I owe you money... well, sorry about that.
• Empty my tobacco pipe
ashtray after the coals are
really out.
• Be more assertive, if that’s
OK with you?
• Read the instruction
manual before I begin a
DIY project.
• And my last New Year’s
resolution for 2021 is to not have any New Year’s resolutions in 2022.
I think at this early part of the year, I can accomplish one or maybe two of the above declarations if I really put forth the effort. I’ll let you know how it went with
the others in about 11 months. Now I’ll leave you with this...
I hope we can all be Scene Around Town together in 2021. Happy New Year and be well.
New Year’s resolutions go in one ‘year and out the other.’
 • Start a blog about how I would write more often if I had something import- ant to write. Better yet, only make one blog entry and leave it unattended for months.

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