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    west Region-LifeCare Ambulance and chair of the Calhoun County Commission. Steve explained to me that, “The opportunities for people with the right training are wide open. You can go anywhere and get a job in this business right now,” he says. Steve told me that the business of first responders such as EMTs and paramedics is opposite of the economy, when the economy goes down the op- portunities for a career go up, and when the economy is booming they have more difficulty finding the number of people they need.
“I would go out and get his equipment loaded in his car while Dad dressed,
When he finished high school he investigated where he could go to get the training to be a fireman which led
 “The training to become and
EMT or paramedic is now done internally at LifeCare,” he told
me. “Safety is our number one
goal.” He told me about the poli-
cies they have for drivers and now
for the safety of both clients and employees considering COVID-19. “We were fortunate as it relates to equipment supplies,” Steve told me. “We have the supplies needed and we follow the CDC guidelines. We advocate wearing masks because we just never know who we will come in contact with.”
he said. “Then I would get in the front seat and when Dad came out he would tell me I couldn’t go with him, it wasn’t safe.” Steve said that changed when he was about 13 or so, but he had to stay in the car while his Dad worked. “When
Then one day when Lorene was a tad tired of listening to Steve complain about what
was happening in government she turned to him and said,
“Sit down, shut up, or get involved!” With the assistance of friends Steve ran for the county commission in 2010 and
Did you know we are needing more first respond- ers here in the Battle Creek area? I learned about this when I spoke with Steve Frisbie, vice president South-
So how did Steve choose to dedicate his life to helping others in this way? He told me when he was a kid in Colon his Dad was a volunteer fireman and Steve knew when his Dad took notes during a phone call it meant he was about to leave to respond to the call.
the scene of a grass fire and he told me I could help until more fireman showed up. I was pretty much hooked on being a fireman after that.” From listening
Steve Frisbie
I was 15 or so Dad was the first one to
won. One issue that he believed the county could make a difference was road maintenance. He learned quickly that in Michigan the county wasn’t responsible for the roads, the state was. With the help of local state legislators, they were successful in getting the
to Steve one could sense his desire to follow in his father’s footsteps.
him to Davenport College in Grand Rapids, and when he fin- ished he returned to Colon, it so happened a fireman was needed. In the meantime he married Lorene and together they had four children, Megan, Lindsey, Jared, and Daniel. When he was hired at Pennfield Township Fire Department the family moved to Pennfield and they’ve been there ever since. “We like the area, the community, and the schools,” Steve said. “It’s been home.”
law changed so that counties and local townships could be responsible for their own roads. “I don’t like raising taxes unless it shows a benefit,” Steve told me. “I want to see it.”
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Steve is an avid hunter and along with his sons and brothers he enjoys traveling up north in the fall for deer camp. “This year was a tough year for doing anything but working (he still enjoys being a paramedic),” he told me. “But when I’m not working, being with my family here, in Colon, and Kala- mazoo is where you’ll find me. I never wanted to wander away.”

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