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  been. So, let me give you five easy tips on how to make that work, and maintain your success forever.
Ditch fast food! Yes, it’s obvious, I know that. But, Americans are literally the best negotiators on the planet. When we really want fast food, we can negotiate a good reason to have it when we want to. “I don’t have time to cook.” “I haven’t eaten all day.” “I’m just doing it this one time.” A burger and fries is a choice to go against any progress you are making. You’re a grown up, you can do what you want. But, if you were running a marathon, would you be okay with, every few miles, choos- ing to go back a thousand yards to make your marathon longer? No one has ever finished a Big Mac and thought, “Well that was a good choice for my body.” Don’t
Make social gatherings about people, not food. Remember social gatherings? Well, at some point we will be able to have them again without counting heads and outlining distancing. And, when we do, make sure you’re enjoying the people, not the snack trays. People often congre- gate around the food, because it gives you something to do. We mindlessly graze
Don’t drink your calories! This one
I talk about all the time. So many people “watch what they eat” but are blind to what they drink. First of all, if you drink soda pop, STOP! Scientific studies have shown that artificial sweeteners increase your desire for sweet things. In essence, the more diet pop you drink, the more you’ll crave sweet things to eat. Also, recent stud- ies have shown that sucralose and other artificial sweeteners may actually cause a slight insulin response, and insulin is a fat
as we have conversations with people. Focus on the conversations, and avoid the pretzel bowls. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to be a hermit. It just means you have to be aware of your behavior while you’re enjoying your friends.
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If you’re like most of us, includ- ing myself, one of your 2021 resolu- tions will be to take off that COVID weight and be in the best health and body you’ve ever
storage hormone. Another drink too often thought of as healthy is a smoothie. Don’t blend fruit in a drink! When you blend fruit, you break down the fiber, and sugar is attached to fiber. So, a smoothie is often times worse than drinking a Mountain Dew when it comes to sugar. Chew your fruit, drink your water. Everything will be good.
negotiate, invest in your health.
It’s resolution time again.
MOVE! Lift weights, go for walks, get exercise bands, buy a mini trampoline (you have no idea how amazingly healthy this choice is for your body). Make sure you are active EVERY DAY, but work out at least three times a week. Building muscle is the only way to build your metabolism. And, ladies, don’t worry about “being manly” by lifting weights. I assure you, you’re not going to get arms like me if you lift weights three times a week. Your potential for muscle growth is limited to your genetic abilities, and your intense dedication. No one, man or woman, accidentally built huge muscles without trying really, really hard.
Make it known that you have goals, hopes and determination. I often joke with people that I’m their dirty secret, be- cause people don’t want to admit they’re coming to see a nutritionist. Why? Mainly because they fear their own failure, and the judgment that will come from it. But, here’s the key: you need support and un- derstanding. If people know you are trying to be healthy, they’re less likely to offer you unhealthy things. AND, they can help you be accountable – maybe even talk you out of that piece of cheesecake. Let the people who matter to you know that you want to change, and that you’d appreciate their support. You’ll be surprised at how many people will want to join you in your journey.
Don’t give up on yourself. Be kind
to yourself. Weight loss is hard, and sometimes we have bumpy roads. That’s okay! You only fail when you stop trying. So make 2021 the year that you don’t ever give up on you. YOU CAN DO IT!

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