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 The Way I’ve Scene I
   No matter what I tried, I could NOT make it happen, and believe me, I tried. Seriously, I looked right at my comput- er a bunch of times and even moved
it closer to my spot on the couch, so I could grab it and get started when an idea popped into my head. Did you know that a laptop makes an awesome $600 coaster for my coffee cup?
a friend who wanted them for Face- book. Oh hey, look! Dinner company just arrived! That should help. I finally decided I would write about fall, but I still only had half an idea about it, so I ultimately decided to take you all onto the struggle bus with me, so you could understand how this all works! Without further ado, some thoughts about fall:
It was time to get started, so I went ahead and put up three bins of Hallow- een decorations, because you just know that was bound to be helpful. Next, I announced to The Hub that I HAD to write my column, so we promptly went out to lunch and then headed to Beckley Road to do some shopping. I can never remember if I am supposed to write
600 or 700 words, but either way, the column was already a week late, so in true Denise fashion, I spent some time in Target trying on elbow length gloves that I will never buy and would never wear instead of just grabbing what I needed, so I could get home and write the column. Well, and since this was not
Some of you are already lamenting the winter that has yet to arrive and are pining for spring, and I’m over here like the June Taylor Dancers, high kicking the Can-Can.
I love the accomplishment of button- ing things up for the winter. By middle November, the yard will be leaf free, the bird feeders will be full, summer clothes will be put away, throw blankets will be on every couch and chair, and the fire- places will keep us toasty again. Meals will have shifted from quick and easy to slow-cooked and savory. Chili will bub- ble in a pot, and popsicle “desserts” will be replaced by warm apple cake, so what is not to love? I’d try to sell you pumpkin spice-hating-summer-lovers on this, but I can’t do it in 28 words, so maybe we can agree to disagree.
As soon as it was time for me to write this column, I jumped onto the struggle bus and headed for a road block. The story would not come.
even started, I thought, hey, I should probably go get gas and pick up some special dog food from the vet! At that point, our Jack Russell Terrier, Owen, needed an hour-long walk. Logically, when we got home, I spent time looking through some old pictures to send to
For me, it is when life starts anew. The flowers are offering their final blooms, gardens have nothing but acorn and butternut squash left to give, and the dew that once belonged to the morning stays all day. What seems like an ending will abruptly turn an about face, and with the flip of a calendar page, everything that was old is new again. The trees put away their fading greens and don themselves in reds, oranges, yellows, and earthy tones. The shadows get long, and the diminish- ing hours of daylight demand that we put on our comfy clothes and relax a bit. At the summer solstice, we work and play and run ragged with the extra six hours and 21 minutes of daylight, and it is the job of the fall solstice to slow us down.
Procrastination 101
I am a fall baby. I have preferred it
to all other seasons as long as I can re- member. I don’t know if it is Michigan’s majestic foliage bursting into brilliant color; the wonderful, heady smell of fermentation; or the arrival of the Poyer Holiday Lighting Season, which at our house starts with Halloween decorations October 1, morphs into Thanksgiving on November 1, and concludes December 26 when we take down the month-long Christmas extravaganza.
Fall is my inner self’s true north.
Happy Fall Y’all!

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