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 Pete’s sake. Holy bananas.
My wife, Terri, and I have been
My wife is a public school employee and has had a whole bunch of extra time on her schedule – so the “news” is be- ing tuned into pretty much ALL DAY!
I can’t take that much TV, let alone the “news.” The way I see it – after about TEN minutes of “news” the rest of the broadcast is... just a bunch of stuff.
Pegboard runs the full length of each side of the garage now, and some on the back wall, too. The funnest part? I built a 12-foot by 8-foot modular shelving unit that’s 14-inches deep. The tools are on the walls, and the buckets, lawn bags, and wiper fluid containers are piled nicely on the shelves. And when I walk around the truck – guess what? I’m not tripping over a BUNCH of STUFF!
empty nesters for nearly 20 years now, and have been quite comfortable with weekly grocery shopping, and buy-
ing only what we need. You know... a four-roll pack of toilet paper, a two-roll pack of paper towels, a 12-pack of soda. Nowadays you gotta buy MON- STER packages, and you have to buy before you run out – just in case noth- ing is available when you do run out.
There have been a handful of moments that I have taken the time to make something just for ME. You may remember in last month’s column that I had begun to make a cabinet for my screws, nails, and do-hickies. Well, it’s finished. And it’s just for me. The piles of boxes and plastic containers that housed my mounting supply of fasten- ers have a new home, and now when
I need a screw I won’t have to fumble through... a bunch of stuff.
Well 8pm has arrived. Time for a little bit of “news.” I hear Terri walk- ing around upstairs, and listen as the basement door opens. “Rick, are you gonna come upstairs for a little while
or not?” I look away from my computer and towards the open door. “Yeah, I’m coming. Just a few more minutes.” She answers back... “What’s taking so long? What on earth are you writing about?”
I feel a smile coming on as I answer... “Just a bunch of stuff.”
I call it “defensive purchasing,” and I don’t like it.
I downsized my home a couple of years ago, and frankly finding room for my new hoard has become an irritant... It’s just a bunch of stuff!
You’d think that having a garage big enough for the “usual” tools for yard maintenance AND two cars that I would
For several years our television has
I’m staring
at a MONSTER package of toilet paper, a MON- STER package of paper towel, and a whole case of Diet Coke. And I’m in the basement for
only been on for a few hours each day. Usually between 8pm and bedtime. Unfortunately the darn thing has been screaming out sound for a lot longer these past few months.
be satisfied with having that much space. You’d be wrong! So this summer I remodeled the garage. I know – it’s kinda silly. But darn it, I also wanted the luxury of being able to walk ALL THE WAY around the cars.
Just a Bunch of Stuff
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