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   Every year on Veterans Day, Americans across the nation wrap themselves in the flag, listen to pa- triotic music, and thank Veterans for their service.
But when the music stops, sadly so do the expressions of gratitude to those who wore the uniform. It is said so frequently in our country that it has almost become cliché, but freedom is not free; it has a very real cost. Too often, holiday activities are enjoyed with little or no reflection on the sacri- fices of our Veterans. Very frankly, our nation’s Veterans deserve to be thanked far more frequently than once a year.
Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Committee are doing enough to recognize our local Veterans each year and that we can continue to expand in our community.
Families. Congress can and must do more. America’s veterans are not asking for special treatment or carve- outs; they simply want what they have earned and deserve.
The HIRE Vets Act
 It is my great hope that organi- zations like the Battle Creek Area
This Veterans Day, I want all Veterans – in Battle Creek and across the country – to know that a grateful nation stands with them.
Congress has made great strides in expanding employment opportunities for Veterans. The HIRE Vets Act – now signed into law – takes import- ant steps to incentivize businesses to hire and retain Veterans. In addition to Veterans’ employment legisla- tion, Congress continues to support Veterans employment through its programs. This includes the House of Representatives’ Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program and the SFC Sean Cooley and SPC Christopher Horton Congressional Gold Star Family Fellowship Program Act, which was recently passed by the House and would establish a con- gressional fellowship for Gold Star
At the end of the day, Veterans want to know that their service and sacrifice were worth something. Too many of our Veterans returned home without their friends and continue to recover from the physical and men- tal wounds of war. Veterans want to know that the months or even years they spent away from their loved ones was worth it. They want to know that their brothers and sisters in arms they put in the ground died for a reason. They want to know that their sacrifice mattered.
To all our veterans...
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