Page 29 - Scene Magazine 45-10 October 2020
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al veterans
   supporting organizations,
promoting, and participating
in unconscious bias training,
and expanding partnerships
and support for communities of
color. PHA has begun to identify
specific strategies to address inequities
due to systemic racism. These include
tactics such as encouraging organizations to participate in an equity audit to identify areas of systemic racism and developing plans to address those areas. We are also seeking grant funding to support communities of color.
Through their efforts, PHA looks to make real change by targeting the root cause of systemic racism. For more information or to join in PHA’s efforts to combat racial inequities, please reach out at angela@
Angela Stewart has been community initiatives officer
at BCCF since 2013. A consummate multitasker, she has provided leadership for various projects, including Operation Fit, Battle Creek BCycle, Namaste Way Battle Creek, Promoting Active Communities,
and several Regional Health Alliance initiatives. In 2015, BCVision oversight was added to her role. As a Battle Creek native, Angela believes building relationships based on a diverse set of values will keep Battle Creek moving in the right direction. She studied social
work at Western Michigan University and is currently
working on completing her MBA
from the University of
Notre Dame.

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