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 Veterans Issue
BY AARON D. EDL Director, Calhoun
County Veterans Affairs
 Awarded for “Conspicuous gallantry
and intrepidity at the risk of life above
and beyond the call of duty,” the Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor that can be bestowed upon a member of the United States Armed Forces. It is authorized by the United States Congress and presented by
the President of the United States. There are three variations of the Medal of Honor based on branch of service. The first branch to au- thorize the medal was the Navy is 1861. The Navy Medal of Honor is awarded to sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen. Soon after, in 1862, the Army authorized the medal. Lastly, the Air Force authorized the medal in 1965. All three of the current variations of the medal are five-pointed stars, tipped with trefoils, that hang from a light blue neck ribbon with thirteen white stars in the center. Beyond the neck ribbon and star shape,
each branch’s medal is designed differently. The Navy’s version is suspended from the neck ribbon by an anchor. In the middle is a depiction of Minerva (the Roman goddess
of wisdom and strategic warfare among other things). In Minerva’s right hand is a shield with the United States coat of arms
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awarded 3,526 times. Soldiers have been awarded 2,457 medals, sailors have been awarded 749, Marines have been awarded 300, airmen have been awarded 19, and one Coast Guardsmen has been awarded the Medal of Honor. The first Medal of Honor recipient was Army Private Jacob Parrott in March of 1863. The most recently awarded was to Army Sergeant Major Thomas P. Payne on September 11, 2020. Nineteen men have been awarded the Medal of Honor twice. However, five of those men were is- sued two medals (both the Army medal and the Navy medal) for the same action. Five pairs of brothers and two father/son duos have been awarded the Medal of Honor. General Douglas MacArthur was awarded the Medal of Honor during World War II and his father, Lieutenant General Arthur MacArthur, Jr., was awarded the Medal of Honor while a First Lieutenant in the Civil War. Likewise, Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in World War II and his father, President Theodore Roosevelt, was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Spanish-American War.
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The Medal of Honor
and she is using the shield to turn away Discord who is represented by snakes. The Navy’s medal is made of solid red brass. The Army’s version is suspended from the neck ribbon by an eagle with the word “VALOR” beneath it. The star is surrounded by a green wreath to symbolize victory. Minerva is again featured, this time a depiction of her head is in the center of the star surrounded by the words “United States of America.”
To symbolize strength, a green oak leaf
is located within each ray of the star. The Army’s medal is made of red brass and gold plating. Whereas the Navy and Army medals appear bronze, the Air Force’s medal has
the appearance of gold and is larger than the medals of the other branches. It hangs from the neck ribbon by the word “VALOR” with the thunderbolt from the Air Force’s coat
of arms beneath it. Like the Army’s medal, the star is surrounded by a green laurel wreath. The head of the Statue of Liberty is in the middle of the star to represent beauty, strength, and wisdom. The Air Force’s med- al is made of bronze and gold plating.
According to the National Medal of Hon- or Museum, the Medal of Honor has been
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