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 The Way I’ve Scene I
   color choices into a project, and the Hub can do all the work! He works like a donkey while I follow him around with paint chips and an obscure acces- sory that will “re-
ally tie everything
together.” Each
time I pass him by,
he is required to
stop whatever he
is doing to tell me
how much he likes my choices. If his patience wears thin and his language changes color, I helpfully tell him that he should take a break. If you look hard enough, I think you’ll find that there is a “me” in “team” even if there isn’t an “I.”
More recently, he completely over- hauled our basement. One side of it is mostly living space consisting of a rec room and bar area, but toward the back of that side is my “art studio.” The other side of the basement is storage and
We once remodeled our bedroom.
It began with a pink $10 comforter from K-Mart. What a great price. Yeah, we painted the walls Pepto-Bismol pink (don’t judge... it was the ‘80s) and painted the register covers gray, replaced the curtains, and replaced the carpet – also gray. To tie it all together,
mint, aqua, and teal in my art studio are fabulously tied together with the curtain I made for the basement window. I fol- lowed him around with that fabric and paint chips for four months. I just don’t see how he could have done all of this without me.
I love to do home improve- ments. No wait... I love to dream up home improve- ments and then turn all of my great ideas and
we hung the canvas wall hangings I followed him around with for a week. The Hub still makes fun of my sweet deal, because it only took $300 to make my $10 deal look good.
areas with new shelving that accom- modates storage totes without stacking them, so it is quick and easy to get to the one on the bottom now! He added upper and lower cupboards, a beautiful countertop, and a really cool power strip that has work lights and a place for my phone to charge. Because he is retired, he has all the time in the world to do what I want... I mean, whatever he wants.
You Know What WE Should Do...
his shop area. He worked his tail off.
When my space was done, he moved on to the other side
 He removed the ancient (read UGLY) paneling and replaced it with the near and dear to my heart, knotty pine. Our house was built in 1959, so the style of it carries the pine easily. He tore out a built in counter area and we put a buffet in the nook that remained. He added some flooring as needed. Finally, he was ready to paint my studio.
to reinvent those storage shelves too. The whole thing is impressive. It looks and smells new. Of course, the pink,
We have lived here for 21 years, and it was time to declutter. We made five trips to Goodwill and five more to get rid of demolition trash. I closed my eyes and got rid of things we no longer use. The Hub improved my storage
You know, I just saw an ad for a 19.7 x 13 inch bamboo shower mat that promises to “turn your bathroom into a spa.” We have 3 x 3 inch nutmeg tiles, a salmon colored tub, and our shower used to be a linen closet, but the mat is only $29.99, and I get free shipping, so that will be a sweet deal.
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