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Community Initiatives Officer, Battle Creek Community Foundation
     align with the Coordinating Council, or TCC. This positioned PHA to take on and accelerate the work RHA has been doing since 1999.
better serve it. This group is also addressing the ever-growing issue
of childcare amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in more children being home.
Angela Stewart has been Commu- nity Initiatives Officer at BCCF since 2013. A consummate multitasker, she has provided leadership for various projects, including Operation Fit, Battle Creek BCycle, Namaste Way Battle Creek, Promoting Active Communities, and several Regional Health Alliance initiatives. In 2015, BCVision oversight was added to her role. As a Battle Creek native, Angela believes building rela- tionships based on a diverse set of val- ues will keep Calhoun County moving in the right direction. She studied social work at Western Michigan University and is currently working on completing her MBA from the University of Notre Dame.
The PHA Advisory Cabinet is a col- laborative body that is currently made up of over 20 members, appointed by the TCC Leadership Council, from across Calhoun County who represent organizations that impact the overall health outcomes for the community. We value the engagement of all who have been impacted or desire to im- prove health outcomes, including staff at all levels, community members, and volunteers.
At our most recent meeting, the committee approved a statement declar- ing Racism as a Public Health Crisis. People in our community are dispro- portionately being impacted by social determinants that lead to poor health outcomes. That’s why it’s important
that we address these racial inequities within our community with a head-on approach. We need to focus on the areas where there is the greatest need, and I’m excited that PHA has taken a stance on this. Our team is dedicated to spurring change in all sectors of government to
This collaborative between PHA and TCC is important to catalyze and sup- port this work because together we can recruit greater resources to address the top priorities identified by the Calhoun Health Needs Assessment. The three priorities that rose to the top and will be addressed by the collaborative work are Social Determinants of Health, Be- havioral Health, and Access to Health Services. These areas will be addressed by evaluating data, identifying com- mon goals toward key indicators, and developing initiatives utilizing best and promising practices that promote im- proved and equitable health outcomes.
In the short time since the restruc- turing of the group, volunteer members, have been working to gather informa- tion and observe data trends on health needs in the community. COVID-19 has brought rise to the mounting health inequities and community needs in Cal- houn County and this restructuring has helped to position us to respond to the growing needs. From this, we identified a need and moved to action by forming a homeless day shelter taskforce. This taskforce is working on a barrier-free day and night shelter system for the community, including a location to
The Population Health Alliance of the Calhoun County Region
The Population Health Alliance of the Calhoun Coun- ty Region (PHA) emerged as a result of the restructuring of the Regional Health Alliance (RHA) to better
shrink the health gap between commu- nities of color and white Americans.
As PHA continues to make progress on this work we look forward to sharing that with the community. For more information, or to get involved with PHA, please reach out to me at angela@

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