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  For Your Health
Admissions & Marketing Director
     tion or your stay is long term, our staff is ready to meet your need for emotion- al, social, and spiritual support.
We are here to assist you. For your convenience, we accept Medicare, Med- icaid, and most major insurances. Please contact us at (269) 969-6244, or email me at
Your health is our key focus. Our physicians, who specialize in a variety of areas including rehabilitation; heart, kidney, and lung disease; along with our dedicated nursing and support team; provide state of the art care including rehab therapies, wound care, respirato- ry support, post-surgical care, IV thera- py, diabetic care, renal dialysis support, and memory care.
keeping up with the grandkids. As a faith-based company, our
Tina Cipcic, a resident of Battle Creek and originally from neighbor- ing Marshall, has lived in Southwest Michigan most of her life. Tina likes to feel that she can make a difference in the lives of the people she works with. Tina has experience in many areas of the business world including human resources duties, benefits, marketing, public speaking, and recruiting. In her free time, Tina loves to spend time with her two granddaughters, browse travel magazines, watch the DIY channel, and spend time with her husband Tim in their music studio.
Our staff is specially trained to work with individuals with memory problems including dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our memory care unit is different from others because it has been scientifi- cally developed to help the individual become an active part of the commu- nity. The secure unit keeps your loved one safe, while helping them lead a life of purpose. Residents interact in small social group settings doing things they enjoyed in their past. Activities, such
as sorting jewelry, rocking babies, and sanding wood contribute to a decrease in anxiety, depression, and wandering.
mission goes beyond the physical to the spiritual, emotional, and social aspect of life. We encourage participation in the community through our not-for-profit organization, which provides food to the hungry, clothing for the needy, and school supplies for the children in our
At Advantage Living Center Battle Creek, we are committed to your overall health. Whether we are supporting you during a short-term stay for rehabilita-
neighborhood. At Advantage Living Center Battle Creek, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in local events that support worthy causes.
Excellent Care for an Independent Life
                                                     675 Wagner Dr, Battle Creek, MI (269) 969-6244
    Short Term Rehab Spacious Private Rooms
Specialized Alzheimer’s Dementia Unit
Most Insurances Accepted Including Medicare & Medicaid
          Excellent Care For An Independent Life
   Arthritis, joint pain, and diabetes
can prevent you from living life to the fullest. Our rehabilitation team will
help you recover from surgery, illness, or injury. Our therapists will work with you to strengthen muscles and improve mobility so that you can lead an active life. In addition, our state-of-the-art pain program will help you get the most out of your rehabilitation care.
Our dietician teaches you how the foods you eat can affect your blood sug- ar and your overall health by working with you to create a healthy diet plan and by determining which food choices are best when dealing with diabetes and other health issues. Our goal is to return you home where you can resume your life – gardening, dancing, or simply

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