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nearly every time you move – that’s why
it is so important to keep it strong and healthy. However, your back and neck can easily be injured, causing you pain which can worsen over time. Back and neck pain are extremely common. In fact, four out of every five adults has back pain at least once in their life.
Your back and neck are made up of bone, muscle, nerves, and other soft tissues that can all cause pain if strained, stressed or fractured. The most common causes of back pain are:
• Strained muscle, ligament, or tailbone
• Herniated disc, causing nerve pain
• Osteoarthritis
• Narrowed spinal canal or spinal
• Slipped or fractured vertebrae
You can improve the strength in your midsection and prevent or reduce your back/neck pain by exercising, maintaining
Here are FIVE exercises you can do daily to find relief:
1LOWER BACK: The Knee to Chest Stretch is an easy stretch to help lower back pain. Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Pull your right knee up to your chest. Hold the stretch for five seconds. Then, put your right leg back down, and pull your left knee to your chest. Hold for five seconds.
a healthy weight, good posture and proper lifting techniques. Taking these steps can help to improve your pain.
What if Exercises at Home Don’t Help?
If you do the daily exercises and don’t see an improvement, you should see your doctor right away to avoid further injury, increased pain, or additional health risks. You should also see your doctor immediately if you’re in extreme pain. Your doctor will likely refer you to specialist who has received extensive training to treat back and neck pain.
At Bronson Neuroscience Center in Battle Creek, our team not only specializes in treating back and neck pain, we focus on doing so without the use of surgery, whenever able. Nonsurgical options can help with improving strength and movement of your spine while also decreasing pain. All without surgery.
What Nonsurgical Treatments and Services are Effective for Spine Health?
Spine therapy and rehabilitation services – Typically, this means physical therapy focusing on strengthening the belly and back muscles, flexibility, and learning to move in a way that protects your spine. At Bronson, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians coordinate a multidisciplinary physical therapy and occupational therapy approach with the specially-trained therapists to ensure you make the best progress possible. If at any time they feel like you need to be seen by a physiatrist or surgeon, they can communicate directly with the team members to quickly set up an evaluation.
Back & Neck
• Medicines and pain management
– There are many options available to manage your pain if you don’t opt for surgery. Some medications we
MID-BACK: The Cat-Cow is a simple yoga exercise that encourages flexibility and builds core muscles. Simply get on your hands and knees on the floor, and then lift your belly button up toward your spine (Cat). Your spine will arch upward. Hold for five seconds. Then drop your stomach down and pull your shoulders up, which will create a dip in your back (Cow). Hold for five seconds. Do this two or three times.
      press on your left upper arm to deepen the stretch. Hold for
five seconds. Repeat by taking your right
arm and stretching it across your chest to the left. Hold for five
Arm Across the Chest can be done from a seated position. To start, take your left arm and stretch it across your chest to the right. Use your right hand to

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