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 For Your Health
 Life has changed drastically for many of us over the last several months. During this time of change and uncer- tainty, it’s important to build in small positive habits that support good mental health. These habits may be especially helpful for seniors or caregivers.
for walks or other outdoor activities is
a great way to connect, and it offers the added benefit of physical activity which is great for both physical and mental health. There are also many ways to stay connected to friends and family using technology, such as Zoom, FaceTime, and other video calling options.
 First up is reducing exposure where you can. One way to do this is through grocery pick up or delivery. Not only does it reduce your exposure during
the COVID-19 crisis, it also frees up time, helps reduce excess spending, and reduces driving for those who may feel increasingly uneasy behind the wheel as they age. Grocery delivery is available through most major grocery stores such as Meijer, Walmart, and Aldi.
also helps keep you safe if you have any concerns about falling, since there is less to bump into or trip over. Now is a great time to donate items you don’t need and make space for more peace.
Staying connected may be especially difficult for seniors during this time. If you or someone you know is feeling isolated and alone, you can sign up for CareWell’s HouseCalls Phone Reas- surance Program. Once signed up, the participant will receive a weekly call from the staff at CareWell to ensure they are safe, healthy, and equipped with essentials.
Next up is simplifying your living space or decluttering. Decluttering can help you feel lighter mentally since things feel more organized and less crowded. Simplifying your space makes cleaning and straightening your area easier, and it
Finally, and possibly most impor- tantly, is to stay connected! Changing guidelines and levels of risk make in-person connection more difficult, especially for those at greater risk of in- fection, but there are still many ways to stay connected. Meeting friends outside
Small changes like these are helpful because they foster wellness and can also offer sustained independence as needs and abilities change. If you would like more information about CareWell’s HouseCalls program, call (269) 966-2450.
Three Simple Ways to Support Your Mental Health

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