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Larry came to see me for the first
time in 2011. He was in his mid- thirties, severely overweight, diabetic, hypertensive, and recently had three stents put into his arteries to save his life. His consultation with me was one I won’t forget, as we both shared stories of the loss of a child, and how much our children meant to us. Larry had been overweight and unhealthy as long as he could remember. It was something he had accepted as a part of who he was. What he wasn’t willing to accept was that it would take him away from his children at such a young age.
We all might want to take a break from what’s healthy, or what’s smart, and just go with what’s fast and easy for a while. But, our bodies don’t share the same emotions as our minds. Our body doesn’t understand that it is easier to
go through a drive thru, and that we’re tired, or depressed, or sad. Our body can only do with what we give it. Our health is the most important thing in our life. Without it, we can’t be the people we were meant to be, we can’t accomplish
Larry dedicated himself to his health. We worked to make his meal plans family friendly and something the kids could get involved in. Within a month he was down 25 pounds. In three months he had dropped his A1C two points and was off his diabetic medication, as well as his blood pressure meds. When he graduated from the program he had lost over 70 pounds and his blood work was better than he could ever remember it. Like most people, Larry found his food addiction hard to control after a few years. He came back to see me in 2015, 40 pounds heavier, and back on diabetic medication. He found his way back on the wagon very quickly, and lost the 40 pounds (and the diabetic meds) within a few months.
Sometimes these articles end up writing themselves, when I least expect it, and sometimes under very sad circumstances.
wife, two amazing daughters and an eight year old son who worshipped the ground Larry walked on. He also left behind a huge group of friends who will miss him every single day, and his “nutrition guy” who will miss him more than Larry could have imagined.
what we want to accomplish – our health is the foundation on which we build our lives.
This is one of those
I write this not as a sad story, even though it is. I write this in honor of the conversations Larry and I had about why he wanted to get healthy. I write this so that we all can honor him, by learning from his story.
I know many of us are struggling right now to find that motivation
and drive to be our healthiest selves. With gyms closed, and our routines interrupted – as well as all the emotions our messed up world seems to be bringing us – it’s easy to have cheat meals turn into cheat days, cheat days turn into cheat weeks, and cheat weeks turn into... well... 2020. But the journey back to health is far longer and more arduous than the journey to maintain health. And that journey can become infinitely longer with every day we put
it off. It’s cliche to say that we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, but it’s the very hard truth. So don’t plan on starting your journey to health tomorrow. Start today. Start right now. Start the minute you put down this magazine and CHOOSE a better tomorrow, today. And never stop making that choice.
Start Your Journey to Health Today
  I had heard from a mutual friend
that Larry was struggling late last year. A back injury had stopped him from working, exercising, and being able to do much for himself. Fast food had come back into his life, and the weight was starting to come back quickly. I emailed him a few times to ask him how he was doing, without response. When I called him, he explained to me that “right now, it’s just too hard” but when his injury was recovered, he would get back on it.
                                  I received a message from our mutual friend that Larry passed away this past Friday from a heart attack. He was 45 years old. He left behind a wonderful
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