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  Business Perspectives
    AND employees. We are reminded of general workplace guidelines and know that they are still necessary.
United Way of Battle Creek Kalama- zoo Region - The fund raised $1,713,202 between March and June. All monies were invested in local programs and agencies; and investments were informed by the Battle Creek Response Consor- tium and Kalamazoo County Response Consortium groups.
• Limit worksite access to only essential workers, if possible.
Battle Creek Unlimited has distrib- uted $1.6 million dollars locally to 161 small businesses and nonprofits. 132 of the 161 were grants. Of the 132, 81 were grants that went to businesses owned by women, minorities, and people of color. 872 jobs impacted total.
• Establish flexible worksites and flexi- ble work hours if feasible
Small businesses and nonprofits working to recover from the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 virus still have time to apply for grants of up to $20,000 through the Michigan Small Business Restart Program.
• Discourage workers from using other workers’ phones, desks, or other work tools and equipment
• Employee Screening Guidance
– Adopt best practices to protect workers from infection, including des- ignating a site supervisor to enforce COVID-19 control strategies and conducting daily health screenings.
Battle Creek Community Founda- tion Reopening BC Fund - 14 nonprofit organizations have received a total of $96,132.00 in grant funds. Currently no loan funds have been allocated but there are two possible nonprofit organizations that are working in this area.
As we plan for flux for the coming year we do so with grace and humility as we don’t know what the future holds. Recently while on a training I was reminded of this quote and feel it is ap- propriate to end with a thought-provok- ing quote and asking you, what is your donut? “As you wander on through life my friend, whatever be your goal, keep you eye upon the donut and not upon the hole.” ~ Unknown
• Social Distancing Guidance – Estab- lish protocols to ensure that employees can practice adequate social distancing.
PPP grants/forgivable loans – Ac- cording to the state database recently publicized over $70 million has been awarded to local Battle Creek businesses and nonprofits that qualified.
• Cleaning/Sanitation Procedures –
Increasing standards of facility clean-
ing and disinfection.
• Vulnerable Population Accommoda- tions – At least two hours per week of
City of Battle Creek Small Business
In a time of uncer- tainty where Mich- igan is reversing business reopening guidelines and it
General Workplace Guidance
dedicated shopping time for vulnera- ble populations, including people over 60, pregnant women, and those with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease.
Development – COVID 19 Rent & Mortgage Assistance Program – 497 businesses were solicited within four targeted districts by direct mail. (Beckley Rd 154; Capital Ave SW 67; Columbia Ave 231; Urbandale 45) total request- ed: $191,820.68 and the total funded: $186,290.68. This program resulted in 125 full time employees and 94 part time employees impacted.
is unknown what each week will bring, stress is high for business owners
Outside of learning our new normal for business operations, it is important
to honor and recognize all the local partners, financial support, and monetary resources that the pandemic has distrib- uted into our local economy so that busi- nesses and organizations may continue to serve our community well. (numbers as of July 2020)
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