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   • Continue redesign of ELA and math curriculum/instruction K-12.
• Improve college and career readiness for all students.
• Develop and align district-wide multi-tiered systems of support.
• Implement proactive professional de- velopment and coaching in trauma-in- formed practices.
Shaping Business Decisions During Pandemic
• Increase staff competency in provid- ing comprehensive instruction in a virtual environment.
The COVID-19
Don’t undercut others to make yourself look good. Disagreements can happen anytime people gather to discuss problems and solutions, but it’s important to keep things civil. At- tack the issues, not the person, work through appropriate channels and be conscious of what your fellow leaders are trying to accomplish.
 • Improve early childhood educational programming.
pandemic has changed, at least temporarily, the world of work for many people as employees hunkered down
• Choose and implement a common classroom messaging app between staff and families.
• Develop and implement a district marketing plan to showcase Pennfield Schools.
at home instead of commuting to an office.
Make sure meetings are well organized. Everyone has endured meetings that took too long and got off track. Some meetings are neces- sary, it is important that they have
an agenda, a start and end time, no sidebar conversation, and that next steps and accountabilities are created at the meeting’s close.
• Develop a plan to use multiple social media platforms for district-wide communication.
As a result, a lot of businesses are finding out just how strong their cor- porate culture is and how resourceful their employees are when managers aren’t hovering nearby.
• Create engagement opportunities for stakeholders in the community.
• Enhance safety and security at all facilities.
• Develop process for implementing improvements from the facility as- sessment plan.
By necessity, many companies
are now communicating by phone
or video chats, which means having employees who take responsibility for their actions is more important than ever. Yet at the same time, the business’s leaders still have decisions to make and orders to give to those employees.
Accept that a decision is a decision. It is all right for people to debate and offer differing opinions during the decision-making process, but once a decision is made everyone needs to support it. You do not want situations where people continually reopen discussions about decisions that have already been made, and passive disagreement is not an option.
• Develop short and long-term goals regarding improving efficiency of operations.
• Develop purchasing and replace- ment plan for buses, equipment, and technology.
• Develop a school culture that encom- passes the whole child approach to learning.
Promote transparency. Mistakes happen when people don’t have the information, they need to do their jobs. When something affects others in the organization, make sure you put it on the “team table” so that everyone can understand what is happening and provide input.
• Make learning and communication accessible and equitable to all.
Know that calm is contagious – relax, look around, make a call. In the best of times, successful company growth is dependent on the capabili- ties of its leaders, as times grow diffi- cult, how well the business fares also come down to how well those leaders are able to rise to the occasion.
• Define roles and expectations while providing support for all stakeholders.
• Ensure students and staff feel safe and comfortable in risk-taking in their learning environment.
As these improvements address the immediate needs of our district, our school board, parents, business leaders, and district staff are working diligently to design a bond proposal that would harmonize our school and community. As we progress with this process, we urge all members of the community to participate in the upcoming community forums and surveys as they unfold.
 I encourage all of our Pennfield Schools community to continue to check on our progress on the district website and Facebook. Registration in- formation is listed for students on both of these sites as well.
It’s a great day to be a Panther!
 Business Perspectives
BY KARA BEER, President

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