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BY TERESA OSBORNE PR/Marketing Coordinator
   CACC Gives Students A Safe Place to Explore Nontraditional Careers
The Calhoun Area Career Center is proud to announce that Annie Hetterscheidt and Pamela Fickle are among the 62 stu- dents who have been selected by the Michi- gan Department of Education (MDE) as 2020 Breaking Traditions Award winners.
know you have someone special.” Raysin continued, “The construction world is tough and at times unforgiving, but that’s no problem for Annie, she loves and looks forward to such challenges. Tell her she can’t do it, and she will prove you wrong. She is what I want in a student and what the construction field needs. She is hoping to intern this fall for an architecture firm, as well as pursuing her college studies.”
law enforcement officers in community service projects, Shop With A Cop and Trunk or Treat, at the Battle Creek Police Department. Pamela didn’t hesitate to
work with a group of predominantly male officers to host these events for local youth. She also volunteered as a ‘bad guy’ to train with local area law enforcement in active shooter training.”
Breaking Traditions Award winners are selected annually, in three levels: Excel- lence, Merit, and Recognition, to acknowl- edge high school and college students across Michigan, who have overcome obstacles and stereotypes to succeed in career and technical education (CTE) programs.
Pamela Fickle, a student from Lakev- iew High School attended the Criminal Justice program her junior year and Law Enforcement her senior year. Her Law Enforcement instructor, Mr. Martin Brown, nominated her.
Congratulations to both of these young ladies for receiving the MDE Breaking Tra- ditions Merit Award and for being selected by their respective instructors as this year’s Outstanding Senior.
“Building talent has long been a priority in Michigan and we take time to recognize such positive achievements,” State Super- intendent Dr. Michael Rice said. “These
62 students overcame perceived barriers
to achieve success in career and technical education programs that are nontraditional to their gender, which makes them role models for their peers who may be consid- ering such a career path.
Mr. Brown describes how Pamela
has overcome the challenges of being a nontraditional student by saying, “Pamela’s hard work and perseverance has helped her to succeed. She has worked harder than most of the male students in her program to prove that she can be successful and achieve her personal goal of becoming a police officer.” Brown continues, “This year she has volunteered to work with local
The CACC offers CTE opportunities to students in 11th and 12th grade from throughout the Calhoun Intermediate School District’s service area. Students interested in attending the CACC should talk with their local high school counselor.
Both Annie and Pamela were among
15 high school students to receive Merit Awards. Each of them received a certificate and letter of recognition from MDE. Un- fortunately due to COVID-19, the formal awards ceremony was canceled this year.
The CACC’s mission is to educate all students and foster their growth in skills necessary for success. To learn more visit the CACC’s website at or contact Teresa Osborne at or by calling (269) 968-2271 ext. 5244.
 “In addition to the State recognition, both students will receive a $500 schol- arship from the CACC in recognition of their performance,” said Steve Yurisich, CACC principal. “We are proud that these young ladies excelled in their respective programs, but we are also very proud of the hard work and dedication of our staff who continue to ensure that all of our programs are welcoming and safe for all students.”
“The Breaking Traditions Awards extend beyond individual students. These awards also represent the quality of the school culture,” said Dr. Brian Pyles, MDE’s Director of CTE. “Clearly, these schools embrace an inclusive student-fo- cused instructional environment supported by staff, students, and community.”
Annie Hetterscheidt, a student from Marshall High School attended the CACC Construction Technology program for two years. She was nominated by her instructor, Mr. Scott Raysin.
When asked if there was additional information to help the judges evaluate her application, Mr. Raysin said, “Without a doubt, Annie is deserving of this award. She made my class a brighter, cognizant, and welcoming atmosphere. Her classmates enjoyed her presence, and missed her when she was off after surgery. That’s when you

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