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Chief Communications Officer, Kellogg Community College
    standing mission – providing accessible, high-quality education – while adopt- ing new, evolving practices aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus known as Covid-19.
As we reopen our physical campus- es, we continue to promote our online classes and virtual services as convenient options for our students. For example, many of our Industrial Trades programs now have modules that can be complet- ed online, allowing students to explore trades and earn credits before completing certificates and degrees at KCC’s Re- gional Manufacturing Training Center.
As KCC president Adrien Bennings states in the Reopening Plan, one of the guiding principles at the institution is flexibility.
Like many institutions of higher learning, KCC suspended in-person operations in March and immediately transitioned many courses and services to an online mode of delivery. Since then, thousands of KCC students have continued learning and making progress toward their degrees or transfer plans. After our spring semester concluded in May, our summer semester began on time and with the vast majority of class- es offered online.
“During this time, there remains much work to be done, and many ques- tions still to be answered,” Dr. Bennings said. “Some of the answers will depend upon factors that are unknown and diffi- cult to predict.”
KCC implements campus reopening plan for Fall 2020.
Over the past several months, Kellogg Com- munity College has adjusted and re-adjusted its operations in order to continue fulfilling its long-
At the same time, knowing that our students’ future careers depend on us, we’re accepting new students this summer into many of our face-to-face programs, including the Police Academy, Para- medic, Agriculture Science, and Nursing programs. This fall, classes will be offered in several ways, including online, face-to- face, and hybrid formats. We’re also plan- ning to resume KCC’s sports teams this fall and launch new men’s and women’s bowling teams in the winter.
team at KCC is dedicated to monitor- ing expert guidance, executive orders, and best practices to determine whether and when to lift restrictions and expand face-to-face interactions on our cam- puses. This monitoring is ongoing and, as a result, the Reopening Plan itself is expected to change over time. Practical and safety considerations will dictate which activities are allowed in any given phase, workspace or campus operation.
As we carefully allow students and the public back onto our campuses, a
Despite the uncertainty of the current moment, KCC is nimbly moving forward with an eye on the future.
 As of this writing in mid-June,
KCC is in the process of reopening
its campuses in Albion, Battle Creek, Coldwater, and Hastings, with plans to reopen all sites for face-to-face services, including advising, testing, and tutor- ing, on June 29. Our phased reopening plan is designed to be flexible, adhere to government orders and follow the best advice of health experts as they learn more about Covid-19 and how it spreads.
When students return to our campus- es, they will notice numerous modifica- tions, including widespread use of facial coverings, hand sanitizer dispensers, plastic barriers, social distancing and oc- cupancy restrictions in classrooms, din- ing areas, meeting rooms, and elevators. We’ve disabled the drinking fountains, closed our fitness center to the public and cancelled all public events through August.
We’re also requiring our employees to perform a self-assessment daily before coming to work. We’re strongly encour- aging people to stay home if they’re sick, wash their hands often and use san- itizer. All changes are detailed in KCC’s Campus Reopening Plan at campus-reopening-plan.

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