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 channel that agrees with my sensibilities. That decision gives me... ... ... a reason to pause.
As is almost ALWAYS tradition in those days, somebody in our group is gonna duff his teeshot into the valley. That’d be Doug this time. We’d give him another try at the teebox of course, then, scoop up the ball from his failed shot on our way to the green.
Okay, it definitely wasn’t less than three... the liar in me wants to say four... so probably three – that’s how many times Dougie’s eyes locked on mine as
he barrel-rolled down the valley, on the eleventh hole, at Cedar Creek Golf Couse.
Because if I ONLY knew “the news,” and it didn’t also include someone’s opinion? Well, that might make my decisions easier to accept if I’m wrong, and no reason to celebrate if I’m right. That kind of seems simple doesn’t it?
His eyes are not mad. But, they are certainly surprised. He was okay. I do find that should I be lucky enough to remember that day during a hard time, I’ll let myself pause, and I’ll laugh – at the very least smile – I’ve even cried.
I wonder – if the “idea” of a line in
the sand didn’t mean “my” spot? But
if we could for just a little while make footprints in the sand that means “our” spot. Oh, I know that, that sensation won’t last forever... but for now – for just a little bit longer – all of us should try to change from “them against us” to “we.”
You should know that the funnest part of the valley is that the golf cart will roll faster (okay, a lot faster) than the “gas” peddle allows on an open flat surface. Yep. We’re flying! Then? Lifting a golf ball with a bare hand from the high grass in the valley at that speed? Well, it’s
not simple. And on this day (libations included) it wasn’t gonna happen.
After witnessing this tragedy, I ran quickly to my fallen friend. I leaned down to him with a furrowed brow. “Are you okay?” As he began to stand, Dougie replied... “Yes.” And, as I helped him
up, we smiled. Then? WE LAUGHED! Because that was funny!
And, we’ll WIN!
We’ve done it before. It has been done by all of us before. Come on, we’ve all read about them in school. And now?
After missing my left-handed attempt at scooping the dimpled deserter from the tall grass while still steering the “flying”
WE have fallen. Let’s stand up. Then? Let’s WIN!
If I’m allowed this one tiny, itsy-bitsy moment of politics...
It’s our turn. Guess what? All of us won’t be right. And, all of us won’t be wrong... but all of us might be alive to watch what happens – when – WE WIN!
golf cart – I turned SHARPLY to the left to have another go at that dimpled devil. After my HARD TURN left – I looked at Dougie to warn him, but he was already gone... his seat was... EMPTY!
I’m awfully,
and completely uncomfortable with my decision, to only watch the news-
The most important part of this anecdote is his eyes – my buddy Dougie’s eyes. We’re on the eleventh hole at Cedar Creek Golf Course. A par three, with a deep valley between the “teebox” and green... I should add that it’s the last round of the year. We’ve had a braggish libation or two, or... maybe a little more.
After the “empty seat” observation –
I have around three dozen polaroids in my brain of Dougie rolling sideways away from me. I was also “smilaughing!” And, Dougie wasn’t.
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