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 including allocation of millage dollars to municipalities countywide, visit cal-
At the end of 2019, two mainstay Calhoun County elected officials an- nounced their resignation, and appoint- ments were made to finish out both terms, which end in December 2020. Former Sheriff Matt Saxton became CEO/executive director of the Mich- igan Sheriffs’ A ssociation and former Calhoun County detective, Steven Hinkley, became the appointed Calhoun County Sheriff. Sheriff Hinkley began right as the COVID-19 pandemic began and the governor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe Order was announced, and he has taken an active role in the unified law enforcement response countywide. Former clerk and register of deeds Anne Norlander retired after 31 years in the position, the longest serving woman to have the role in Calhoun County. An appointment committee consisting of all Circuit Court Judges announced in early February that Clerk’s office employee Kimberly Hinkley would assume the position through the remainder of the term. During COVID-19, Kimberly Hinkley has adapted the clerk’s office’s myriad services to meet residents’ needs while individuals stay home.
The Treasurer’s and Clerk’s Offices are good examples of how Calhoun County Government offices have adapted to effectively meet this new challenge. The primary objective was
to keep the public and employees safe and healthy, so although buildings were closed to the public during the Gover- nor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe and Safer
at Home orders, options like drop boxes were placed outside the County building and office phones were forwarded to ensure questions were answered quickly.
and with State of Michigan employees in a way that also leverages federal dollars that enhance unemployment benefits specifically for COVID-19 related work reductions. The County estimates hundreds of thousands of dollars in budget savings during 2020 from these furloughs. Our mid-year budget review is under way and will provide more specific information on what future steps we’ll need to take to address a lower revenue base expected to last through 2021.
As we look at reopening and cer- tainly welcoming back employees,
our public-facing offices continue to adjust: Plexiglass was added to spaces where business is done with the public, appointments are available to limit visi- tors in the buildings, information about adjusted services is available online, and staff and visitors are required to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing in indoor, public spaces.
As always, we will keep resi-
dents informed about what County government is doing in response to COVID-19, in response to budget shortfalls that threaten operations, and to ensure that government services are offered to residents without too much disruption as a result of COVID-19.
To receive all communications from county government, please sign up for the Administrator/Controller Update on the homepage of our website, calhoun- There, you’ll also find
a pop-up box about COVID-19, which lists critical Public Health Department COVID-19 data, all communications from the Joint Operations Committee, and details about county government operations.
One strategy implemented within our county and courts to help get ahead of drastic budget cuts is the furloughing of nearly 25% of our workforce that will have reduced work schedules or be off work entirely throughout this summer. The furlough program is be- ing used throughout local governments
  ThankYou to Everyone on the Front Line!
                         Thank you to our staff, families, friends and community!
We appreciate you!
  Appreciative & Grateful for All of You.
to all the Heroes and Helpers during this difficult time.
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 All OurThanks
To everyone who helped to keep our senior community safer!

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