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 CalCo Admin Update
Calhoun County Administrator/Controller
This year is not typical in so many ways, the most significant being the coronavirus pandemic, which has required us to focus in an unprecedent- ed way on responding to the crisis in a full-time manner. We’ve done that in a remarkably coordinated way with our City of Battle Creek partners and nearly 100 community participants within our COVID-19 Joint Emergency Operations Center, while at the same time ensuring that essential services continue to be provided to residents in a way that min- imizes the risks to our employees and to the public. The bottom line is that as we
reflect on last year and look ahead into the foreseeable future, we accept that lo- cal government will look different now. Inevitable revenue shortfalls are upon us, and yet we are optimistic that tools like telecommuting, added technology and training, and facility enhancements have improved our ability to deliver respon- sive government that matches the new, expected service delivery models.
2019 was a significant planning year for Calhoun County Parks, updating its five-year master plan based on public input, acquiring land in Albion for a new park, and approving language for a parks millage to be on ballots in August 2020. Amid the pandemic, the Calhoun County Parks and Recreation Commission decid- ed to continue with the proposal on the August ballot, which, if approved, would implement a .2 mills parks millage. For information about the parks millage,
The second half of 2019 and first two months of 2020 were marked by
For the June edition of Scene Magazine, Calhoun County’s Update typically recaps the various projects and activities that marked the full year previous.
progress and optimism for what we could provide residents, as well as our financial outlook. In September 2019, the Calhoun County Public Defend-
er’s Office began taking all indigent defense court cases and it remains a key component of courts operations now. The Public Defender’s Office seeks to ensure the public defense system is fair, cost-effective, and constitutional, while also protecting Calhoun County’s public safety and accountability.
to all essential workers and to our customers.
Thank You
To those who help meet the needs of our community’s seniors.
SCENE and these participating businesses are using this space to say thank you to those heroes who have put their lives at risk to tend to the needs of others. • 269-968-7334
Thankingour staff and all essential workers.
to all the community volunteers who made over 2,500 masks for older adults!
The City of Springfield
would like to Thank Calhoun County Sheriff's Department and Springfield Fire Department for their outstanding service and commitment to community.
Continuing Services During Difficult Times
269-965-2354 •

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