Page 30 - Scene Magazine 45-06 June 2020
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  Business Perspectives
     old organization we have survived one pandemic and we look to thrive on the second. What characteristics make our chamber strong, you ask?
Leadership – Few organizations have assembled the depth of leadership found in a Chamber. From emerging leaders to past presidents, they step up and champion the cause when called upon.
Collaborative – Chambers build partnerships to solve problems. As one of the co-leaders of the Business/Cor- poration Work Group for the County’s Emergency Operation Command Center during COVID-19 we were positioned to analyze problems and increase influence. Advocating on behalf of the business community to local, state, and federal leaders.
Member Care – In troubled times especially, our members need support. We are positioned as an indispensable partner. Listening to our members, we have created new products and services. from numerous conversations with businesses on their needs.
Convenor – Many organizations are seeking answers to the same questions. Chambers provide trust- ed platforms where others can share news and projects.
Your Battle Creek Area Cham- ber of Commerce has proven to be resilient through wars, politics, recessions, depres- sions, and pandem- ics. As a 108-year-
Plans have been made during the pan- demic that reflect urgent and short-term goals. It is often said, an idea without a plan is simply a dream.
Chambers are Made for Times Like These
Strategic – Chamber boards and staff are strategic, realizing the need to stay out of the weeds and avoid tactics.
Transparency – Clear communica- tions with our members, communities at large, and the media are a priority.
Advocacy – A Chamber best knows the issues of their members. We know the pandemic will end, lockdown will stop, and entrepreneurs will face new conditions.
Empathy – Chambers maintain close relations with members and understand their challenges. It requires flexibility. For members unable to pay dues on time, we are ready to extend your deadline or offer payment plans.
 Holistic – While Chambers serve their members, they impact the commu- nity, economy, and jobs. Chambers are positioned to see the big picture and to work for the benefit of all.
Innovative – Chambers are inno- vative, using leverage, expertise, and experience to find solutions.
Passionate – People are drawn to our organization because they share a passion. It is rare to find such passion in any other type of organization. Volun- teers dedicate time and energy; staff are known to work hard.
Visionary – We have developed and communicated a clear vision. A vision that fuels the hard work.
We are proud to be an organization that has a combination of characteris- tics to survive a crisis and sustain the Chamber. If you are not a member of the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Com- merce yet, please consider joining us as we continue on this journey and thrive with us!

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