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BY KEVIN CATLIN Springfield City Manager
    guests of the City of Springfield. The employees have implemented various safeguards to keep our city resilient. We will continue to weather through this storm to make sure residents and guests have the critical services they need to stay healthy and happy during this pan- demic. Initially, the City halted services when Governor Whitmer declared a state of emergency. Only critical, emer- gency services were operating at that time. We are now back to full operation- al capacity as the City Council and staff feel that we should be here for residents when they need it most.
day drive-by celebrations to create a special moment for our youth while the Stay Home, Stay Safe Executive Order is in full effect. Our Calhoun County Sheriff’s deputies and Springfield fire- fighters are some of the most dedicated, selfless individuals our community em- ploys. Our public works staff has been working tirelessly to maintain parks and our streets so community members can enjoy the outdoors while most business- es are closed due to the executive order. Lastly, city staff have been available at city hall and the public safety building by digital means, telephone, email, and postal service. While our buildings may be closed to the public, we are still here to serve you in the best way possible to ease frustrations.
members to sign up for email/text alerts to keep up to date on city business. We recommend signing up for alerts to stay informed on current information and advised of critical public health and safety issues, such as watermain breaks or traffic-related incidents. City staff are back to work full-time as we are classified as essential workers. We want to continue providing an exceptional level of service as always. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our offices at (269) 965-2354 to speak with a department. Do not wait to inform staff of issues
We believe in uplifting our com- munity members to create an engaging environment where neighbors look out for one another. Territorial Brewing Co. is an excellent example of this. They have been feeding essential workers during these unprecedented times as part of their Feeding Our Essential Workers initiative. We are so appreciative of their support and dedication to Springfield. Essential workers have provided birth-
or emailing lgilson@springfieldmich. com. Please refer to the Waste Man- agement brochure sent through email and located on our website for more details.
Local businesses can expect a letter in the mail from the city clerk regard- ing license renewal. The City is in no way authorizing your business to open against Governor Whitmer’s direc- tive(s), but rather sending out license renewals as a formality as required by municipal ordinance. The City Council approves all business licenses. Feel free to reach out to Kris Vogel at (269) 441- 9272 with any questions.
Check it out!
It has been an adventure navigat- ing uncharted ter- ritory during these unprecedented times. COVID-19 has presented challenges to the residents and
Service updates: Waste Management resumed yard waste and bulk item pickup. Remember, bulk items are lim- ited to one (1) per month and must be scheduled by calling (269) 441-9280
in the city. It only adds to your frustra- tion. We recommend reaching out to us as soon as possible so your issues are resolved expeditiously.
Speaking of our website, check it out! The template was recently updated and now includes alerts, news, and an event calendar. The website is more user- friendly and even allows community
Thank you to all our community sup- porters who have anonymously dropped off PPE and various treats throughout the time of the Stay at Home Order. Stay happy and healthy everyone!
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this place we call home.
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