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BY COURTNEY SMITH, PA-C, DayOne Family Healthcare
   the highest quality care while also minimizing potential exposure for our patients and our employees. We have always prided ourselves on our accessibility and availability to our patients, and we are striving to make improvements in the face of this new obstacle.
Unfortunately, we know that
some people in our community have contracted COVID-19. Based on exposure and symptoms, our providers are recommending some of our patients be tested for COVID-19. We are not currently testing in our office, but we are able to guide patients to our area testing sites when needed. Our providers are also ordering COVID-19 antibody tests for our patients when appropriate. That blood draw can take place in our office or at an off-site laboratory.
DayOne is trying to be agile and flexible and open to change to stay ahead of this ever-changing healthcare landscape. Medicine is evolving at hyper-speed lately, and we are doing our best to institute changes that will keep our community as healthy as possible.
Thankfully, through generous community donations and strategic partnerships, our employees have sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE). All employees (and all patients) are wearing facemasks in the office,
and all clinicians are also wearing face shields, gowns or lab coats, and wearing gloves with all patient encounters.
We continue to offer many same- day appointments to offer timely care
The current COVID-19
office. We are also limiting guests that can accompany patients to their appointments. DayOne now offers separate “sick” and “well” sides
for our patients. We hope to expand our walk-in appointments and our office hours soon. Our patients have always appreciated our unusually convenient office hours; we have historically been open until 8pm Monday-Thursday,
pandemic has forced many changes in how we can best deliver medical care. DayOne focuses on delivering
of our office to prevent spread of communicable disease. Everyone’s temperature is checked prior to entering the office. There is also frequent scheduled sanitizing in the office throughout the day.
but recently began closing the office at 5pm to cope with the pandemic. We transitioned to staying open until 7pm Monday-Thursday as of June 1. The office remains open during our usual weekend hours from 8am-noon on Saturdays and Sundays. We continue to offer an on-call provider when the office is closed.
DayOne: Committed to Community Health
 We are trying to lessen the foot traffic in our office to help comply with recommended social distancing practices and to conserve PPE. Our providers are using HIPAA-compliant software to perform telemedicine visits for appropriate medical issues, and in some instances can perform appointments over a simple phone call. When patients are needing work notes or a printed prescription, our staff is running paperwork out to the patient in the parking lot or mailing out the paperwork. We are even administering some routine vaccinations and some injectable medications as patients wait in
their cars.
When patients do need to come into the office, we are taking steps to minimize the number of people sitting in the waiting room. Patients can check in for their appointments via text message as they wait in their car, and then we
can text back when we are ready for them
to come up to the

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