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BY TIM MITCHELL Senior Care Partners
 On April 1, 2009, Senior Care Part- ners P.A.C.E. welcomed its first seven participants to its newly formed orga- nization in Battle Creek. Ten years and five months later, the 500th active par- ticipant was welcomed into the PACE program. Consistent growth has been the pattern for the organization since inception. Now, serving nearly 600 participants with a staff of over
275 employees in four centers covering Calhoun, Kalamazoo,
eastern Van Buren, southeastern Allegan, and southern Barry
counties, Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. continues to enroll
new participants through the
biggest healthcare storm in
modern history.
need in a very tangible way by opening a center within the Albion community,” said Ferrara. “We have the opportunity to offer a very specialized service to Albion as well as the other communities on the east side of the county by helping seniors continue to live safely in their own home for as long as possible. Even though the Albion center is officially
“While we have had to care
for our participants in a differ-
ent manner during the COVID
crisis, we are still providing
quality care for those we serve,
mainly in their homes,” said
the organization’s CEO, Laura Ferrara. “Our mission hasn’t slowed. In fact, we have been working extremely diligently to be as creative as possible so we can continue to deliver the high quality care to which our participants are accus- tomed. Our health care team, including our primary care physicians, are making house calls as needed to keep our participants as healthy as possible and socially engaged.”
Lueth added, “The Albion community has been extremely accepting and supportive of our expansion efforts. We look for- ward to being a part of the revi- talization that is already taking place in Albion. It’s always good to be part of a forward
Even during this difficult time, Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. continues to add new members who desire to live safely in their own homes instead of going to a nursing facility. “We are still enrolling new participants in all four
of our centers and have never stopped enrolling even through the peak times of the COVID crisis,” said Marianne Love, manager of enrollment and eligibility Services for the organization. “The state-wide mandated stay at home order has created a very high stress level for a lot of older adults as well as their care- givers. So the services provided through Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. are a welcomed relief to caregivers as they face the very real day to day challenges of caring for an aging loved one. The
Helping older adults and their families is what Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. has been doing for over a decade. This is why opening their fourth center in Albion on May 1, 2020 was another significant milestone for the or- ganization. “There is a significant need for quality senior care on the east side of Calhoun County and I am grateful we have the opportunity to respond to that
The organization is in the process of creating a “post-COVID” plan to enable participants to once again return to the centers. Dr. Elizabeth Warner, the orga- nization’s Medical Director, stated, “We have the responsibility of finding that delicate balance of bringing participants back into the center for their health and socialization needs while also making sure they will be safe in the center environment. Since we are dealing with a population that is among the most susceptible to the coronavirus, we will be limiting the number of participants who come to the center at any one time and we will be maintaining proper social distancing practices. Our primary focus is to keep our participants healthy, socially engaged, and safe.”
Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. Opens Fourth Center and Continues to Enroll Through COVID Pandemic
compassionate care I have seen first- hand from our staff as they care for our participants is second to none. That’s the reason I’m so passionate about the work I do and why we continue to make our services available to new enrollees during this difficult time. Families need our services and we want to be there for them.”
Over the course of the year Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. makes a signif- icant impact on hundreds of families. “We aren’t just impacting the partici- pant,” said Alexandria Lueth, director of IDT Operations. “We are also making a significant difference for the caregivers of the senior for whom we are caring. We have seen a substantial increase in caregiver stress over the course of the past two months as this pandemic has had a major effect on our state and our local communities. In some instances, we have been able to provide families with the respite care they so desperate- ly needed. No one actually knows the stress of the caregiver until they are one. I’m so glad we have the resources to help these families during this most unusual time.”
moving community and we want to be
a contributing factor in that progress by not only providing services to the senior population, but also by bringing jobs to the area.”
open, because of the pandemic we have not yet started bringing participants to that center. How- ever, we are currently enrolling seniors for the Albion location and we are able to provide many in-home services based on their medical needs.”
To learn more about how Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. can help you or a family member live safely at home for as long as possible, please call (269) 441-9319 or visit www.senior-

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