Page 9 - Scene Magazine 45-05 May 2020
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 Scene Around Town
  other, told to keep six feet apart. As a result, we’ve not been able to be ‘Scene Around Town much,’ just around our own homes, which brings to my
So we gritted our teeth and forged ahead cleaning closets and drawers; maybe even the garage; that may be pushing it a bit. Though those who
I’ve read that those creative among us have followed in the footsteps of Isaac Merritt Singer and Elias Howe by sewing protective gear for our area health care workers and emergency responders. Their compas- sion has fed their souls with needles and threads. Sadly I found myself measuring twice, cutting once, curs-
mind the Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic song “Lookin’ Out My Backdoor.”
ing, and repeating the procedure without much success.
That’s exactly what we’ve all been relegated to do. We couldn’t travel ‘up North,’ or across the border to come “home from Illi- nois, lock the front door, oh boy.” We could only “sit down, take a rest on the porch imagination sets in, pretty soon I’m singin’ doo, doo, doo, lookin’ out my back door.”
I also noticed ‘out my back door’ a neighbor raking left-over leaves she missed last fall, no doubt optimistically getting ready to plant a garden this year. I hope there are some juicy beefsteak tomatoes and not zucchinis handed over the fence in my future.
I think we’ve all felt just a
shade powerless dealing with
boredom and anxiety of late. After
all, you can only play so many hands of Crazy Eights, or lose so many ‘bored’ games in a row before you wonder what’s next?
This virus has been a collective timeout keeping us from being ‘Scene Around Town’ or anywhere else for that matter. What lessons might we learn from it? Maybe
What we had hoped would be the light at the end of the tunnel had been
govern have instructed us to keep our distance, it hasn’t stopped us from keeping in touch, either by telephone or computer. Heck, I saw a couple of my neighbors who had dragged their webbed lawn chairs down from their garage rafters, set them up at the curb,
it’s a call to action in which we can all make random acts of kindness not so random in the future. Though the disease is contagious, so are deeds of love, caring, and thoughtfulness. Let’s look out all of our doors, see our bright- er futures, and then take better care of ourselves and of others.
Over these
past many weeks, the coronavirus has forced us into living in a para- dox. On the one hand we have been urged to come together... on the
to this point a chap with a flashlight waving for us to turn right or left. After so many detours however, there seems to be something that continues to pull us forward. Perhaps it’s the optimism we Americans have that sustains us; the spirit from our ancestors that burns inside.
and were holding quite a gab-session with their neighbors who had done the same right across the street.
“Lookin’ Out My Back Door”

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